Adapting & Connecting in Times of Crisis

Posted by verb on Mar 31, 2020 9:32:27 AM

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A recent NASDAQ article titled, "What the Job Market Can Learn from the Coronavirus Crisis," has recognized and honored Verb. As we all know, we're currently experiencing an unprecedented global event that has impacted almost every aspect of our economy.


From stock prices dropping and lockdowns, to mass layoffs and empty store shelves, we can be reasonably sure that the majority of the world has been severely affected by COVID-19. The above article offers a glimpse into what could be the future of the global job market as a whole, focusing on remote work, corporate responsibility toward gig workers, and leadership.


In the article, Verb is highlighted as a company that provides the necessary infrastructure for remote work and “can help workers close sales as effectively as they would if they were doing in-person meetings with their clients.” As you’re well aware, one of the most unsettling things about the current world situation is its newness. The current level of globalization in our society means that a novel virus was able to spread faster than we’ve experienced in the past, and a worldwide lack of effective protocols have wreaked havoc on nearly every industry in a shorter time than we’d ever thought possible. However, the same technology that led to this level of globalization can work in your favor, providing you with the means to connect with people all over the world without leaving your living room.


If you’re struggling with how to adapt your business strategy to one that aligns with a socially distanced approach, our platform can help. Take a look at five of our favorite "isolation friendly" tools, all of which can be used to connect with your clients and prospects from a distance effectively.


     1. Live: Combining our interactive technology with state-of-the-art live streaming capabilities, Live provides a modern solution to sell remotely, train, and present your products and company. You can learn more about it here.

     2. Sampling: Through the sampling feature, distributors can send product samples to directly to their interested prospects. Our sampling system can significantly increase sales and potential distributor enrollments — in fact, our clients have reported conversion rates as high as 36%. It’s a great way to share a product without scheduling an in-person meetup.

     3. Learn: Learn is a learning management system that can provide education about your products, company, and compensation in a way that will encourage them to become (and stay) loyal to your brand. If you're looking for a way to educate/train from the comfort of your couch, Learn is for you.

     4. Interactive video: If you can’t hold a meeting and have too much to say for an email, interactive video is a great solution. Quickly and easily add clickable interactions to any YouTube video or selfie video recorded using your webcam. These interactions allow viewers the ability to shop, send you an email, schedule a meeting, follow you on social, follow a link, or even call you directly—all without ever leaving the video. Easily shareable, they’re a great way to stay connected from a distance.

     5. Social sharing: This month has been a reminder of how easy it is to foster communication through social media. Our simple social sharing tools allow you to share content across multiple social media channels with just the tap of a button, providing you with an easy way to validate your brand, connect with a cold market, or establish rapport with a warm market. You’ll also love our full-service analytics that provides excellent insights into your content's engagement.


We’re proud to have created a product that can help people continue to grow their businesses without skipping a beat, even in times of economic turmoil and social distancing. With Verb, you don’t have to let physical isolation become a barrier to your goals. Like everyone else, we’re anxious to see what the “new normal” will be after the stabilization period of this upset begins. We're not sure what impact it will have on our industry or in the economy as a whole. We are sure, however, that we will continue to use innovation and best practices to create products that will help you adapt to changing business landscapes, both now and in the future.


If you’d like more information about any of these features, please email us at so we can set up a demo (remotely, of course). Stay safe!


- verb