Addicted to video? Us too! 6 reasons we just can't stop.

Posted by verb on Jan 29, 2019 8:15:00 AM

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     I have to come clean…here at nFusz were addicted to video. But they say the first step to recovery is admitting we have a problem, right? Well in this case, we have no interest in stopping our addiction to video. We love it, it’s amazing. Video for entertainment, video for marketing, all of it. Video will be our friend even when we have no one else. Here’s a few reasons why we at nFusz just can’t stop with video.



Whether we’re in search of a product and need more info or just want to shut off from the normalcy of the daily mundane with some entertaining content, video has got us covered by engaging our attention. Even the laziest of buyers can probably agree they’ve had their interest piqued from a product video. Why? Probably because video is so easy to consume. I know I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of endless Youtube videos. Don’t be shy, raise your hand if you have too…there you are. We knew you were out there. Life is too busy to read anymore and video takes advantage of that. Plus, if you’re a consumer, you probably want to see that product you’re looking for in action. Video to the rescue.



It’s like the digital future version of being back in grade school. Where you love your toy and your classmate sparks interest so you show them what it’s all about, how great it is, by sharing it with them. We watch a video and say to ourselves, “John has to see this…he’s gonna love it.”. It’s how I probably consume more than half of the content I consume – someone has shared it with me. When we see something great, we have to talk about it. Verbally but also online, digitally. That’s why video is so great. I can tell someone to go watch or with a couple clicks drop it right on their social media feed or into an email, text message, whatever it may be. However, in social media context, people tend to share emotions – not facts. So creating fun, entertaining videos encourages sharing. Who knows, maybe you could be the next Sexy Sax Man (Pssst…that’s a viral video).



Gone are the days where we feel the need to be glued in front of our TV sets at home huddled around the tube with our families waiting for our favorite 7pm nightly show. The world isn’t changing - it has changed.  We as consumers are fed content EVERYWHERE. On our phones. At the gas station pump. Mall kiosks. Our social networks. The back of taxi cabs (yes, some people still use taxi cabs). More so, people are cutting the cord on cable. We have Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, whatever your platform may be, we are being fed content everywhere. Even our video game consoles have the availability to stream content through a simple wifi connection. That’s why we love video, because we can get it anywhere, anytime. Maybe I wanna watch my favorite video content from the place I get most of my greatest work done, the bathroom, and I can do that now. It’s my life, don’t tell me how to live it.



Beyond just using video for entertainment purposes, watching our new favorite Netflix crime documentary, silly cat videos etc…video can produce a business some pretty fantastic return on investment. Even though video production is not yet the easiest or cheapest task; it pays off big time. Online video editing tools are constantly getting better and better and also more affordable at the same time. Not to mention your smart phone more than likely has basic video editing capabilities already packed in to it. I know my iPhone does. It also works as a great camera to record your videos. So we really have no excuses to not create some video content. Plus, it’s just fun. You should try it. You might like it. And don’t worry about your videos being perfect. It’s practice and with each video it’ll get better and better. What you need to focus on is the content. That’s what matters. Let’s just say, video is like pizza – when it’s bad…it’s still pretty good.



We’re getting into a theme here, aren’t we. Makingggg monneeyyyy. Video can make you some serious dough. Adding product videos to landing pages increase conversions. Video can also lead directly to sales. After watching explainer videos on a product a consumer is interested in, that consumer is more likely to purchase so you better start crafting your exciting product videos now. I’m really not surprised at the effectiveness of video content. Sight is an extremely dominant sense of the human body and most information transmitted to our brain is visual. When seeing pictures can massively boost engagement, imagine the increase in conversions and engagement that moving images can bring to a business.



Personally, if a business or company I’m interested in doesn’t have video…I don’t trust it. Something seems fishy here. Solely because video is so easy to create. So I wonder to myself, what are they hiding? And this is the same when it comes to entertainment content. A new show comes out from a trusted outlet, I’ll more than likely be inclined to try it out and give it a watch. That’s why we love video. Because with just a little bit of content trust can build in not only a product but more so the business or company producing the product and the content.