Evolution of SaaS Timeline Part 3: The 2010s

Posted by David Butler on Nov 1, 2021 10:00:00 AM

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It's hard to predict what the next decade will look like, but now that we are in this one and a new era of technological progress begins there are some trends worth noting. One such trend is how much our lives have changed because technologies exist now that weren't available before 2010; they've become an integral part of everyday life for both better or worse depending on who you ask!

Last week, we announced the next phase in our Evolution of Saas series, focusing on the years 2010-2020. This integral decade holds near and dear to our hearts because let's be honest, some of the greatest tools and innovations were created! 

And when we're talking about tools and innovations, we definitely mean the type of tools that allow you to engage, shop, sell and interact like no other. (hint, hint, wink!)

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Just like last time, we’re starting off with a timeline featuring some of the highlights from the time period—from tech to pop culture and everything in between! Take a look:

2010s part 1

2010s part 22010s part 32010s Part 42010s Part 52010s Part 62010s Part 72010s Part 8

How did we do? Anything you’d change or add? What do you miss about the decade? We’d love to hear your feedback. And stay tuned for even more 2010s inspiration and #saasy content over the next few months.

Fun Fact: Did you know the #hashtag was first used in 2007? C'mon, we know we all didn't really start using it until 2012. #letsbehonest



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About The Evolution of SaaS Series:

We want to implement Nostalgia Marketing, blended with Curiosity Marketing, in order to create education, intrigue, and excitement. We believe that marketing around SaaS-based companies has a reputation of being overwhelmingly stiff and corporate, lacking in personal connection and resulting in poor brand loyalty. We're ready to change that.

As we know, brand loyalty can be achieved in many ways, but oftentimes in our industry, it’s built on long-established relationships within the industries we serve. These relationships are typically the result of intimate connections founded through face-to-face interactions—meetings, lunches, contracts, projects, etc. So, how do we accelerate these connections and create that same level of familiarity and trust with our customers on a compounded timeline? By creating bonds between Verb’s current and potential customers through Nostalgia Marketing. 

By utilizing Nostalgia Marketing, our hope is to appeal to clients and customers who grew up in the 80/90s and provide them with an easy, impactful way to connect with Verb. Our goal is to tap into those fond memories through the modified and evolving brand in order to reach our audience on an emotional level and create authentic brand loyalty.


About the author:
David Butler, Creative Lead,  is currently working with our creative team, as they tackle daily issues surrounding everything from client success to Verb's sales and marketing efforts. He also just started learning how to play the guitar and plans to go on a small winter tour in the Pacific Northwest in a few years.