How to Generate More Leads with Interactive Video

Posted by nFusz Admin on Jul 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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We live in a never-ending barrage of content. Push notifications, infinite feeds and countless shot-from-above videos of questionable recipes have created a constant din that most users have learned to tune out. It used to be enough to have an eye-catching video; now, walls of cyber-noise have created consumers who shrug off videos like they were water off a duck’s back.

The only way to break through the defenses of a jaded digital landscape is to ask viewers to stop consuming and start interacting. Placing an interactive video on your website will snap a customer out of their passive scrolling and get them engaging with your product from the very beginning.   What Are Interactive Videos? Interactive videos work by providing the unexpected. After long periods of two-dimensional, inactive entertainment, asking the viewer to engage in any meaningful way is bound to cause an impact. While you might think it’s complicated to create something like a video of your CEO that walks around the screen and explains your product, there are ways to make the process simple and track your customers’ engagement at the same time.   Beyond just shaking your potential customers up, interactive videos can give viewers the ability to act as soon as they’re rattled. We’ve grown accustomed to people shouting at us that it’s absolutely necessary that we buy something, but it’s still rather new to act on a call-to-action that appears underneath the fingertips of a potential customer while the pitch is still happening.

(Check out this Interactive Video)

Interactive videos can add “buy now” buttons, allowing customers to make the decision to purchase the second they see something they like. But even if your product isn’t the type of thing that a person buys on impulse, interactive videos can help you increase your numbers of promising leads. A button that allows curious watchers to schedule an appointment while they are still thinking about the subject can bring in a whole new wave of clients. An interactive phone pad that appears on the screen will bring you eager leads who still have your sales pitch fresh in their minds. It’s one thing to ask a customer to give you a call—it’s quite another to give them the means to do so right as you say it.   Even if you aren’t ready to add certain functions to your videos, an interactive and eye-catching clip can be made to work for you. Interactive videos can help increase your leads even after those initial impulse clicks because this strange and new style of connecting with consumers is tailor-made to stick in a customer’s mind. A video is made to be ignored by overserved audiences, but an interactive clip is much harder to brush aside.   Generating Leads through Innovation Beyond all of this, interactive video can generate leads by building positive associations with your brand. It adds a bit of glimmer to your website, dazzling viewers and having the added benefit of making your company look that much more savvy. That old chestnut about science and magic is probably a bridge too far in this case, but it’s not a stretch to say that people will be impressed by a video that’s suddenly calling upon them to interact with it. The “brand new” is always somewhat awe-inspiring, and that bit of shine is bound to rub off on your brand.   You want to be seen as the person bringing something new around. If you’re showing off something that the audience has never seen before, they’re going to assume you know something they don’t—and who doesn’t want to hear from the smartest person in the (neverending, digital) room?   Of course, having an interactive video alone isn’t enough. If you aren’t keeping track of the people who are enamored with your video, you are doing everyone involved a disservice. The people who are brought in by your clip want to be talked to in a timely manner and you want to hear what they want. Getting new leads served up on a plate is no use if no one’s home and hungry.   That’s where the two-pronged approach of nFusz comes in. We combine the allure of interactive video with the efficiency of CRM software. We not only allow you to create new leads with our easy-to-use interactive video creator, we help you keep track of those leads once they’ve been generated.   At nFusz, our unique video platform allows entrepreneurs both big and small to create interactive videos that will generate leads. While there are other interactive video makers out there, ours is the first to combine the eyeball-grabbing power of interactive video with the usefulness of CRM. Our product doesn’t just track engagement—it creates it. Contact us to learn more about how our interactive videos can generate leads for your business today.