Do You Know What Interactive Video Can Do?

Posted by nFusz Admin on Sep 11, 2018 11:00:00 AM

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     Beyond just shaking your potential customers up, interactive videos can give viewers the ability to act as soon as they’re rattled. We’ve grown accustomed to people shouting at us that it’s absolutely necessary that we buy something, but it’s still rather new to act on a call-to-action that appears underneath the fingertips of a potential customer while the pitch is still happening.

     Interactive videos can add “buy now” buttons, allowing customers to make the decision to purchase the second they see something they like. But even if your product isn’t the type of thing that a person buys on impulse, interactive videos can help you increase your numbers of promising leads. A button that allows curious watchers to schedule an appointment while they are still thinking about the subject can bring in a whole new wave of clients. An interactive phone pad that appears on the screen will bring you eager leads who still have your sales pitch fresh in their minds. It’s one thing to ask a customer to give you a call—it’s quite another to give them the means to do so right as you say it.

     But did you know more than Mitch or David? Check out a little friendly competition these guys put each other up to at headquarters:

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