Introducing: Verb Themes & The Evolution of SaaS

Posted by Heather Hanson on Jan 19, 2021 8:58:21 AM

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New year, new us! (Well, kind of). Here at Verb, we’ve set some lofty goals for the year, and one of those is to firmly establish ourselves as a creative SaaS company and set ourselves apart in the industry. To that end, we’re excited to announce that we are rolling out new, company-wide annual themes that will help us spread our creative wings, keep our content fresh and engaging, and show others who we are.

verbSERIES - 90s

This year’s overall theme will be the Evolution of SaaS, celebrating the history of SaaS from its introduction and mapping its path in the future, beginning with the 90s. Think of it like taking a fun, retro and informative walk down memory lane, with a signature Verb twist. This theme will be reflected throughout our company messaging--in our social media presence, newsletters, email signatures and more--so don’t be surprised if things start to look a little more rad in the near future.

A lot of research and creative involvement has gone into making sure these themes are engaging, relevant and accurate, so we thought we’d give you a glimpse into what we’re trying to do here at Verb. Before you dive in, however, keep in mind that we’re not changing our overall brand values, or any of the other unique and innovative things that make us Verb. We’re simply enhancing and expanding our already established brand in a fun and exciting way.

verbSERIES - Feelin SaaSy

Why This Theme?

To implement Nostalgia Marketing, blended with Curiosity Marketing, in order to create education, intrigue, and excitement. We believe that marketing around SaaS-based companies has a reputation of being overwhelmingly stiff and corporate, lacking in personal connection and ultimately resulting in poor brand loyalty. Verb is ready to change that. Focusing on the Evolution of SaaS allows us to celebrate our industry, take a closer look at what’s worked in the past (and what hasn’t) and foster human connection through shared experiences.


Personal Connection Through Nostalgia

Brand loyalty can be achieved in many ways, but often times in our line of work, it’s built on long-established relationships within the industries we serve. These relationships are typically the result of intimate connections founded though face-to-face interactions—meetings, lunches, contracts, projects, etc.

So, how do we accelerate these connections and create that same level of familiarity and trust with our customers on a compounded timeline? Especially right now, when everything seems to be more virtual than physical? By employing strategies like nostalgia marketing, we create bonds with current and potential customers.

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Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia Marketing is the concept of taking something familiar and connecting it to something new. Now, more than ever, individuals are looking to connect with the past—whether that be through binging a classic sitcom, reconnecting with a hobby, listening to an old album, buying a sneaker you loved in your youth. In fact, it’s been called, “The advertising equivalent of comfort food.” 

As a Forbes article on the topic said, “Reliving positive memories and beloved icons from the past feels good. Alongside hectic work schedules, unrelenting responsibilities, and more, fond memories make us smile — and that leaves us open to brand messaging.” Autopilot echoes this sentiment, saying, “Sometimes, it’s best to look back at the good times of yesteryear and this is especially evident in marketing. Through nostalgia marketing, brands are able to invoke positive emotions from their audience, put their products in the spotlight, and generate more revenue and visibility.” 


Why Start with the 90s?

A spark of nostalgia can take an individual back to a time where life was a little simpler and responsibilities were few, and that spark can easily be fanned into something that fuels a lasting connection. A big part of the current workforce identifies as millennials, and they’ve proven to be a successful target for the emotion-based loyalty triggered by Nostalgia Marketing—for example, consider the passion elicited by Pokémon Go, Nintendo Switch, the Full House revival, or even the AirBnB that’s found a home in the country’s only remaining Blockbuster.

BlockbusterBy utilizing Nostalgia Marketing, our hope is to appeal to clients and customers who grew up in the 80/90s and provide them with an easy, impactful way to connect with Verb. Our goal is to tap into those fond memories through the modified and evolving brand in order to reach our audience on an emotional level and create authentic brand loyalty. Think of it as embracing the past to create a brighter, more connected future.

The first components of our new theme be live tomorrow, and we think it’s going to be all that and a bag of chips (see what we did there?). Follow along as we expand upon our established brand and show the world what Verb is all about. You can also click here to download your own 90s-themed backgrounds for Zoom! We’re excited to hear your feedback about each theme and to see how you join us in inspiring action.

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Heather Hanson is  skilled in copy writing, editing, creative writing, and social media outreach. She brings a lot to the table with Verb, and has been recognized by our company as our National Treasure.