Wondering How to be Successful in Medical Device Sales? These Three Strategies Will Help.

If you're wondering how to succeed in medical device sales, you're not alone. The work is incredibly challenging. Successful sales representatives must understand complex medical conditions, treatments, and device functions. Reps operate in a highly competitive environment where pricing, quality, and presentation are always under the microscope. Healthcare consolidation adds more complexity as it's often difficult to determine who the decision-maker is. 



To overcome these challenges, sales and marketing teams need tools and strategies that make it easier to share compelling content with physicians. This need is reinforced by data showing that aligning sales and marketing underneath an effective sales enablement strategy delivers 19% more growth. With this data in mind, here are three areas where sales and marketing can begin collaborating.

Strategy #1: Distribute Content More Effectively

The first strategy for successful medical device sales is to use compliant marketing content more effectively. After all, great marketers can create compelling assets like 3D models, case studies, and training material that clearly demonstrate a device's features and how it benefits end users. Then, it's the rep's job to close a sale by delivering that content to the right people at the right time. 

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However, all that great content won't do any good if reps can't easily find what they're looking for or share it with physicians. An effective sales enablement strategy can overcome this challenge by employing top-tier customer relationship management (CRM) tools that speed content distribution among a sales team while offering intuitive features for sharing that content with prospects and tracking its performance.


verbTEAMS is a CRM solution that enables teams to add interactive sales content to a central dashboard, which reps can access from their device. What's more, verbTEAMS users can also access usage data to create customized presentations they can share by email or text directly from the app. With instant access to a wide variety of content at their fingertips, sales teams are empowered to make full use of their creativity. 


Strategy #2: Make Remote Selling More Compelling

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and eliminated face-to-face meetings for a time, many experienced reps were left wondering how to get started in medical device sales from a remote position. While email and phone calls have their place, team members also need tools to create dynamic virtual sales opportunities that are as effective as in-person interactions. Pandemic or not, it’s important for reps to have devices that allow them to engage with prospects from a distance.

verbTEAMS is best with Interactive VIdeo

verbTEAMS meets this need with verbLIVE, a tool that enables reps to easily livestream sales presentations and education sessions. These livestream events include interactive video elements for sharing links, documents, and other CTAs on-screen during presentations. Teams can also use these tools to pre-record content that physicians can consume when convenient for them. Livestream and interactive video are cutting-edge opportunities for sales and marketing teams to collaborate and deliver more immersive content for physicians. And with tools like verbLIVE, reps can be successful in medical device sales from anywhere with an internet connection.  


Strategy #3: Use Data to Make Smarter Sales Decisions

The days of reps relying only on their instincts are over. Instead, in a data-driven world, sales teams need access to metrics that will help them understand what content is most effective, the ideal time to follow up with prospects, and how to build customized presentations that resonate with their targeted audience. 

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verbTEAMS provides users with a play-by-play recap of every sales engagement while tracking how prospects interact with the sent content. These tools enable sales managers to provide their team with actionable insight that drives sales. verbTEAMS also help reps make more impactful contacts by telling them what content their prospects have viewed and when they viewed it. Marketing teams can also access this data to create powerful funnels based on real-world content usage. With access to data-driven coaching, cues, and content, reps can be more successful in medical device sales than before the pandemic. 

Effective Collaboration is Critical for Successful Medical Device Sales

So what are medical device sales? It's more than making phone calls, sending emails, and visiting physicians. In an environment with more challenges than ever, sales and marketing teams need CRM solutions to efficiently distribute content, share immersive livestream experiences with prospects, and access rich data to make smarter decisions. verbTEAMS is the solution for these prominent needs and will be the transformative tool that helps reps find success in the medical device sales industry. 


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