As the medical device sales environment has evolved, so has the way to engage with prospects. Conversations are now more sophisticated and medical device sales reps are struggling to keep up. Prospects expect each presentation to be tailored to them, and to fit their needs. By the time your potential B2B buyer reaches out to you, according to Forbes, 80% of the purchase cycle is already complete. They don’t want a generic presentation or something they can get off your website. Most likely they’ve already seen it while they researched your company. When it comes down to it, B2B sales reps need to be able to personalize each presentation and build a valuable relationship with each prospect.

Now we understand that it is easier said than done. It’s hard to know what content your prospects want to see, and half the time you can’t even find it.

Here are FIVE reasons why you need a mobile sales enablement solution…

1. Access to the right content

Your presentation can only be as strong as the content you have and how prepared you are. With a mobile sales enablement solution, all your content is accessible in one convenient location and can be viewed on any device. Walk into the presentation feeling confident that you have the right information to close the deal.

2. Make your prospects feel valued

You can’t use the same presentation for every prospect. They will see right through that and move on. In order to stand out against competitors you need to tailor the content you present to match what the prospect is looking for. Not only does this show your prospect that you know what you’re doing but it shows that you care, and they will feel valued.

3. Customize to your client

It’s important to know what your prospects want, who they are, and who is involved in the buying process. Your sales force needs to fully understand their prospects and use them to their advantage! With sales enablement, solution sales reps can personalize each presentation to fit their prospect’s needs.

4. Insights to know your next move

You’re probably asking yourself “how effective is the content that I’m using?” and playing the guessing game of what content you should share with your prospects. A sales enablement solution, like verbTEAMS, gives you a play-by-play recap when prospects open, view, and share the content you sent them. Now you know what your next move should be.

5. Tell the right story, win the deal

When it comes down to it, the winner is whoever can tell the right story. Customers want the story to be focused on them. You need to open hot and close hot. One way you can stand out against your competitors is to keep the story going, even after you presented, by sharing content. With verbTEAMS, you can share content via e-mail or text to keep your company fresh in your prospect’s mind and to keep them engaged.

verbTEAMS is a mobile sales enablement platform that helps make your life easier as a sales rep. With a proactive dashboard as soon as you open your app, you already know what your next move should be. verbTEAMS tells you whom to talk to and when. Learn more about how verbTEAMS empowers sales reps here.

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