Interactive video may sound like elusive tech that belongs in the future, but it is actually a tool any medical sales rep can use today to create engaging content. Our goal with this blog is to explain what it is and how you can use it to improve your outreach. Interactive video is an amazing tool that can be used in sales, marketing, and education verticals. This blog will provide several use cases or examples of successful ways to use interactive video in the medical sales industry. 

At its core, interactive video is a video that you can click or tap on. When presenting through an interactive video, you can point to CTAs, or icons on the screen. Your viewers can click on the links in the video when their interest is at its highest. When you present your interactive video live, your audience can click on CTA icons as they appear and send live messages to engage with you and other audience members. Interactive video also includes detailed analytics so you can review what your viewers clicked on and how long they stayed on the video. 

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Live Interactive Video 

Statistics show that 82% of people prefer live video from a brand over standard social media posts (Livestream). That means sending out a link to your upcoming live video will pique interest and engage your customers and prospects in a new way.  

We don’t want to limit your creativity on how you use live interactive video, but here are a few use cases to get the creative wheels turning: 

  1. Create appointments that are dynamically live. With interactive video, you can know how engaged your viewers are by seeing who clicked on what reactions. You can also monitor the chat to see how they engage with each other and your message. 
  2. Host a training. The live chat provides a great opportunity for your audience members to exchange ideas and expand on the concepts you’re teaching! The clickable CTAs in the video also provide opportunities for them to get more information on the training topic. 
  3. Live interactive video also makes for a dynamic webinar or demo environment. You can really show off your creative talents there! 


Prerecorded Interactive Video 

In some cases, it’s easier to send out a prerecorded video that has your interactions in place. The analytics enable you to see what interactions were clicked on, and how long your audience watched the video. Since the recent pandemic forced many businesses to a remote setting, interactive video has become a great medium to get your message across without the hassle of meeting in person. Prospects can watch these videos while on their lunch break and engage in your message on their own time. With interactive video, you can effectively give your pitch at a time that’s most convenient for everyone! 

Use cases for prerecorded interactive video include:  

  1. Sending an interactive video to express excitement about a new or updated product and then invite viewers to schedule a demo. This is a more personable approach, and it helps the seller appear more trustworthy compared to sending out a static email. 
  2. Follow-ups and proposals. Interactive video makes it easy to check in with clients and send out more information to help the sales process move along. 

For more ideas on how to create video content that will inspire action, check out this blog. 


The Why 

These days, working from home is becoming more of a norm, and an interactive video is the next best thing to being there in person. With a well-thought-out video, you can engage your customers and prospects just as effectively as you would if you were in the same room. 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process (Hubspot), which means that you can supply your prospects with what they need to make the right decision. Welcome to the future that is interactive video! 

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