Livestreaming has started taking on new roles since its introduction in 1997 when it was used as a new, cutting-edge way to commercialize products. Now, since its rise to mainstream stardom in 2008, it has become a way for people to share what’s important to them and for their audience to participate in and share their experiences. With the tools that social media provides right at our fingertips, everyone all over the world can livestream—but not everyone can livestream in a lucrative way. Not everyone can use livestream as sales a strategy to stand out against competitors. 

Medical livestreaming is the newest frontier when it comes to engaging with your target audience. It allows you to grow in a space that is competitive but also provides opportunities for innovation and creativity. Sales teams can use livestreaming in the medical space to connect with their customers during events, conferences, or even for everyday conversations and trainings.  

If you're interested in learning more about how and why medical livestreaming could benefit your business, keep reading! We’ll be answering some questions about what livestreaming could look like for you in the field.

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What are some of the main benefits of using live video?  

With the advancement of technology, it's getting easier to connect with your customers and prospects in new ways. Livestreaming is one way to do this. It's a great way to provide valuable information about your products, demonstrate how they work, and answer customer questions in real-time. Video has also been proven to be a more memorable experience for those who interact with it, as opposed to simply reading about a product or company. Whether you’re using live video as a first interaction, a follow-up, or just to demo a product, it’s a surefire way to make sure your prospects are more engaged and interested. 

How does livestream differ from traditional video marketing?  

Does it matter whether you use livestream or video on demand? The short answer is yes. First, live video is much more engaging, and you don’t have to worry about keeping it short, as you would with videos on demand. Instead, you can take your time to explain the information you want to convey, and with the chat feature on the live video, you can answer your customers’ questions in real-time. Inviting your audience to comment and ask questions during a livestream is a great way to find out their pain points or priorities and speak to them. Not only that, but it’s advantageous to have real-time interactions with customers, especially if there are not many opportunities for you to meet with them face to face. And once you’ve finished your livestream, you can repurpose it to answer similar questions from other customers or help other reps see your strategy.  

Using livestream capabilities as a sales rep has several benefits that you can use to personalize your sales approach! 

Why should I use live video instead of other forms of social media marketing?  

In the last few years, marketing experts have invested 28% more in livestreaming. That’s because a live video strategy engages customers immediately and authentically, which is something social media marketing doesn’t do. In an increasingly video-centered world, customers are expecting more and more videos in their decision-making process. The more video, especially live video, you can implement in your sales process, the higher the chance that it will engage your customers and help them decide on a product. 

In a Vimeo survey, they found that 82% of people prefer live video to social posts. While your social media marketing efforts are certainly making an impact, using livestream video as a salesperson is a much more engaging, personal way to make your message and product known. With livestreaming, your prospects can put a face to a name and establish a trusting relationship. Anything to make the sales process more comfortable for your prospects is a step in the right direction. 

What are some examples of how live streaming has been successfully implemented in the sales field? 

Now that you know some of the benefits of livestream video in sales compared to other social marketing strategies, here are a few real-life examples of companies using livestream video in a way that works. Through these examples, we see a situation where companies drop the corporate veil and instead cultivate human interactions focused on their product. If you’re looking for motivation to make the step towards livestream video in your sales strategy, here it is: 

  1. Apple promotes new products each year via livestream. Millions of people tune in to these events to see what the company has in store. Customers say they feel these livestreams give them exclusive access to fresh information, which increases their brand loyalty. 
  2. Microsoft uses livestreaming to increase brand awareness and make announcements about updates for their products. These exclusive events typically attract several thousand viewers. 
  3. Nestle used livestream videos to generate excitement about the upcoming summer season, and they showed off ways to use their products to make a memorable summer. In 12 hours, they generated more than 5,000 views. 

What are the Use Cases for Livestream Video in the Medical Sales Industry? 

While we don’t want to limit you on the creative ways that you can use livestream video in your sales strategy, we can give you some ideas to get the creative ideas flowing. Remember, livestream video is a tool that you should use to improve your own sales strategy, and that might look different for each sales team.  

As a medical sales team, you can use livestream video for: 

  1. Onboarding Sales Reps: livestream video can be used internally to show new reps the ropes. Through livestream videos, they can receive training before they oversee a case and get some of their questions answered before jumping in. 
  2. Sales rep to clinician communication: livestream video can also be used for one-on-one communication to go over product details and why the customer should use the product. 
  3. In-servicing with clinicians: in this livestream setting, the rep can be in the hospital and demo how to use the medical device. 
  4. Clinical Education: you can host an interactive product demo where you show surgeons and clinicians the tools they need to succeed.  
  5. Clinician to Patient Education: you can show just how the clinician would use the product with a patient and show the benefits of its design on a patient level.  

Any of these use cases could add value to your company and be an opportunity for more personable, engaging interactions. The world is your oyster when it comes to interactive live stream video! 

verbTEAMS offers a live video platform that is sure to wow your customers. You can use the verbTEAMS app to advertise upcoming livestreams, invite people to participate, and go live. It’s everything you need to create a successful livestream video all in one place! 

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