As a salesperson, the better you understand your customer's journey, the higher your chances are of making a sale. Using data points gathered along the customer journey is a great way to increase your conversions. By considering all the steps a customer takes before becoming a final buyer, you can create a strategy that addresses their needs at every stage. Customer-generated data is some of the most vital information you can gain in the sales process. The sooner you know their wants and pain points, the sooner you can start speaking directly to their needs and showing how your product is the solution for them. With the help of today's lead generation technology, it's easier than ever to gather that data and put it to good use.  

Studies have found that the #1 priority for sales and marketing teams is funneling in quality leads. However, the main barriers to attaining that goal are primarily data-related:  

61% of teams claim they lack the resources. 

42% say they lack quality data that will help with campaigns. 

38% claim they don’t have enough data on the target audience.  

What does this information show? Companies don’t know how to acquire the right data to attain quality leads. On top of that, the data they have isn’t specific enough for them to take actionable steps. Pulling data from customer interactions throughout their decision-making journey is essential for your company to increase conversions.  

Here are a few strategies for using data from the customer journey to help your sales team increase conversions:  

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     1. Track how customers interact with content. 

Thanks to technology, reps can easily measure a lead's interest and note their interest level. We’ve moved past the days when reps dropped off brochures and never heard from the contact again. When the rep delivers content digitally with sales enablement technology, they can track how the contact interacts with the content they received. Once the contact opens content that interests them, the rep will be notified. Knowing the “what and when” of each content interaction is crucial to engaging with prospects. The best time to follow up is when their interest is highest. 

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     2. Engage prospects with personalized follow-up. 

How can you make sure your follow-up is personalized? With sales enablement tools, you can know which pieces of content caught your prospect’s eye. Then, sales reps can initiate a follow-up conversation with tailored information about that piece of information, whether it is product benefits, pricing sheets, etc. From there, the rep can keep the conversation going and ask if the prospect has questions about the content they interacted with. They can also be prepared with more content on the subjects they’re interested in and engage with some of their wants and pain points that way. 

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     3. Give the marketing team access to customer analytics.  

It’s easy for marketing and sales silos to occur. However, when it comes to customer-generated data, cultivating more lead interaction to increase conversions should be a team effort. If the marketing team has access to analytics on the content, they can know which pieces are performing better than others. It gives them important insight into how to improve the content they’re producing and help the sales team send out more relevant content.  

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      4. Use video.  

Just because everyone is familiar with email and follow-up texts doesn’t mean that’s what you should use. Video is a more engaging way to communicate complex ideas. Not only that, but 35% of marketers who use interactive video see increased conversion and a 25% increase in sales. Just implementing video in your sales strategy could increase your conversions, but it would be much greater if you could track engagement on videos.  

One way to generate data from a video is by making the video interactive. Interactive video is a leading technology that allows viewers to engage with the video as it’s playing. When the presenter points to a point on the screen, they can edit the video, so clickable buttons appear. From there, the viewer can click directly on the screen and engage with the material without leaving the video. Interactive videos have powerful analytics so you can see exactly what content they clicked on and how long they viewed it. Not only is interactive video an excellent follow-up tool, but it also can propel you towards the highest conversion rates. 

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     5. Rinse and repeat. 

Prospects notice when you care about their interests and needs, which is why tracking what they’re most interested in with data and well-timed follow-ups will make them feel heard. It’s no secret that having a good buying experience helps with customer retention—recent studies have found that 86% of customers will pay more for a better experience. Ultimately, the purpose of using customer data is to improve their experience and ensure they are informed enough about the product to make a good purchase decision. 

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Tracking customer interactions with your content helps you understand what’s resonating with them and adjust your strategy accordingly. By understanding how customers interact with your content and which content is most popular, you can tailor your follow-ups and marketing messages to increase conversions. Additionally, personalized follow-up and video can help keep prospects engaged until they’re ready to purchase. These are just a few ways you can use data generated from sales enablement tools that measure the customer journey to improve your marketing strategy. 

verbTEAMS’ sales enablement technology empowers its sales reps with robust analytics that will help them know their next step in the sales process. Whenever they send content, the verbTEAMs app keeps them informed on the prospect and their engagement levels can use the data to increase conversions. Keeping a pulse on the customer’s position throughout their journey could be an integral tool in increasing your bottom line. 

Are you interested in learning more about how verbTEAMS can deliver powerful data to your sales reps? Click here for a demo. 

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