We work hard to improve the verbTEAMS experience for both sales and marketing teams all around the world! We know that the last couple of months have been nothing short of crazy, and selling to prospects without face-to-face interaction has become even more of a challenge. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added several new features and did some house cleaning to help make selling virtually more impactful.

Personal Video

Sales reps can record video within the app and share it with a client in a Space. Reps will find this feature useful when they want to use verbTEAMS to make micro-training videos for a client, add some context to the content they are sharing, or simply make a video and share it in a Space.

manage-content (1)

Note: In-servicing has to be done virtually for now. This feature will aid sales reps in creating an engaging virtual sales environment since they can’t scrub in.

To make a video you tap on Content and a new folder appears called My Videos. Go to My Videos and tap Create Video button. Make your video, name it, save it, share it.


Re-Share Content from Spaces

Another powerful feature we’ve added is re-sharing content within a Space. This means when sales reps share content with a prospect, that prospect can share that content with others directly from their Space!

Buying is done by a committee, and your contact may need to share content up the chain or with other members of the committee. Sharing within a Space makes it very easy while recording and notifying reps when content is shared AND to whom!

Introducing Personal Video and Spaces - 3 

Re-sharing content within Spaces couldn’t be easier! All your contact has to do is click the Share button located on the bottom left of the file thumbnail, enter in the email, message, and click Share!

Other Features We’ve Added

  • Showcases are now accessible within the app (previously an admin feature only).
  • Company Presentations allow admins to choose several pieces of content and save them as a Presentation that can be sent to the whole team.
  • All PPTX/PPT files are automatically converted to HTML, it does this in the background. Allow, 5-10 minutes for the conversion to complete. Optimal files size is less than 200 MB
  • An all-new PDF viewer in Spaces address a bug where some firewalls were blocking our old PDF viewer.
  • Spaces and Showcases now come in two flavors – Dark Mode and Light Mode. Settings are on the App Profile and Showcase settings.
  • Showcases have an all-new banner design to allow for more flexibility for background image designs.

Improve Your Virtual Sales Strategy with verbTEAMS

There’s never been a more crucial time to amp up your virtual sales strategy and we are here to help! verbTEAMS is a mobile sales enablement solution that equips your reps with the tools necessary to engage and interact with prospects, virtually!

Interested in trying verbTEAMS? Sign up for a free 30-day trial and experience the powers of verbTEAMS!

**If you are a current verbTEAMS  user, please log-in and update your app here to see the new features!

Also, check out the video below to see all of the new features verbTEAMS has to offer: