You may have heard the term remote selling and not know what it means. Remote selling is a new trend in Medical Sales that allows you to sell by phone or video to a customer instead of being face-to-face. In this blog post, we will explore how being able to sell remotely has changed the way medical companies do business and why they are implementing remote selling as the next big thing.  

Keep reading to learn how remote selling can help you discover new ways to grow sales.  


Four reasons to start Remote Selling now 


1. COVID-19 has rewritten the book on the way we conduct Medical Sales.  

You're dealing with an industry that takes health seriously, and your selling techniques should be adaptable to professionals that prefer to work at a distance.  

The COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrating that medical professionals now prefer a virtual interaction with both patients and medical sales reps. The ways medical sales reps communicate must be more convenient, customer service oriented, simple to use, and more innovative than before COVID-19. Now is the time for Medical Sales companies to redefine their services.  


2. New technology can make Remote Selling effective and often greatly enhance traditional sales methods.  
  • Capture customer attention with new livestreaming and pre-recorded interactive videos. Companies like Verb Technology (, a leader in this space, are pioneering new ways for Medical Reps to reach customers from a distance. They do this by placing video, product information, or other live links right on the screen of the viewing audience.  

Did you know, according to Digital Information World, 59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they prefer to watch a video?  

  • Analytics- Selling remotely has its own set of challenges. For example, knowing when a busy customer has seen the message you shared can be essential for planning when to follow up. Verb's analytics tools can tell you when your customer engaged with the material you sent or what kind of materials work better for a particular product. 


3. Remote selling has created an entirely new way for medical sales teams to succeed by expanding their customer base beyond what was previously possible. It saves time and money by not requiring a rep to drive to call on or follow up with contacts. And, with new remote selling technology, sellers can connect with their current and future customers wherever they are with either a phone, tablet, or PC.  


4. And that brings us to our last and best reason to start selling remotely: time. Work-life balance is a difficult thing to achieve in medical sales, but not impossible. We’ve all heard the saying "work smarter, not harder," and in this case, the trend toward remote selling, if done correctly, can leave you more time to do the things you want to do.   


If you are looking to take your Medical Sales into the future, Remote Sales may be an option for boosting your business and enhancing the way you communicate with your market. There are many benefits of Remote Sales that help make this process work for you and your customers. These include better customer service, communication, sharing of product information, and more time flexibility than the traditional face-to-face medical sales process.  


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