Defining sales enablement might seem simple enough, but the answer is more complex. Sales Enablement has evolved to include many different things. It’s broken down into three categories: content, technology, and process. To help you understand why it's important for your sales team, here are four reasons you need it and some ideas for implementing it.


1. Sales Enablement helps create an environment that fosters innovation and helps teams better connect with customers in new ways.

It’s all about getting creative and finding a sales strategy that works so you can reach more prospects (for more tips on how to do this, see this blog post). Through verbTEAMs, you can create an interactive video, which allows you to connect on a different level than your traditional face-to-face interactions. Instead of passing out paper brochures, you can send them virtually via text or email within an interactive video!

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2. It drives increased productivity through improving communication across all levels of the company.

Feedback and analytics are important leveraging tools for bridging the gap between sales and marketing and marketing to executives. While marketers want to see every detail, leadership teams want to see at a high level how many engagements they had and how it relates to revenue. The verbTEAMs application provides varying levels of insights through analytics. The app caters to each of these levels and productively connects them.


3. The right kind of training empowers employees with the knowledge they need to succeed.

One of the main problems with training reps is fostering engagement. With that said, the core component of sales enablement is encouraging engagement and participation. A sales rep needs to know their product in and out, whether it’s pricing, features, end benefits, rollout, or onboarding. One way to engage reps is through implementing gamification during Learn courses with modules to incentivize familiarizing the reps with new products or product enhancements. Another way of using sales enablement in training is to compare higher performing-reps to lower-performing reps and see what’s working and what’s not. Whatever strategy you use, make sure your reps are well-versed!


4. It provides sales personnel access to information needed for their daily tasks.

The verbTEAMS app provides an easy way to hand out content on the fly whenever and wherever a sales rep needs it. A sales rep needs to be equipped with enough information so they can share it with the right person at the right time during a presentation. It also encourages timely follow-up, so it’s easy to remember who to contact on a day-to-day basis. Delivering timely information is an essential element to equipping your sales team with the tools they need.

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Having a successful sales team is crucial to the success of your company. The right tools will ensure you have a repeatable, scalable process for maximizing sales. On top of that, organizations that have undertaken a sales enablement initiative have seen a 350% increase in content usage and 65% more revenue generated by new reps. Now that’s why we use sales enablement tools!

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