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Oct 20, 2021 7:00:00 AM / by McKinley Oswald

When Social Selling News opened its doors in 2018, their goal was to become the eyes and ears of the direct selling industry. Over the last few years, they have become just that.


SSN - Magazine - 2021

The publication creates content from the perspective of covering the topics that they feel C-Suite executives within the industry would like to know about. Whether you read it on the subway on your morning commute, or while drinking your coffee as you start your day, Social Selling News has become the go-to publication for all things direct sales. This edition of the Direct Sales Masterclass features a conversation with David Bland, the publisher of Social Selling News. We discuss key issues and trends that have been covered over the last year. You will find videos of our discussion and a link to pertinent articles in Social Selling News covering the same topics.



Direct Selling During the Pandemic

You could say that SSN found its identity during the pandemic. Numerous companies saw massive growth over the past 18 months while others faced immense challenges. Many companies had to make important pivots in order to stay connected with their field and to provide them with the tools they needed to succeed in the new economy. One example of this was the emergence of video conferences that took the place of in-home parties, corporate meetings, and other events. This became an industry-wide pivot. In addition, many companies saw the emergence of an app-based tool that helped their company transition from a home-based business to a phone-based business. One executive commented that their field had to advance five years technologically in a matter of days.


SSN Article: What Pandemic-Related Changes Did Your Company Make That Resulted in Positive Improvements You Plan to Implement Permanently?


Technology Innovations in Direct Sales

The direct sales industry has long been known for staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology innovations. One of the main innovations in recent years has been the emergence of live selling. verbLIVE has been one of our most popular tools over the last year, following this popular trend. With tens of thousands of meetings taking place, live selling has become a key tool within direct sales.



Another key area of focus is artificial intelligence. The emergence of AI will help enhance marketing, support customers’ needs, address compliance, and more.


 SSN Article: What New Business Technology are You Most Excited About?


Direct Sales and CBD

CBD has been a hot topic within direct sales over the past several years. With regulations and market changes, it’s important that direct sales companies play by the rules. But what are those rules? they seem to be constantly changing. Being in the know on what risk and exposure you have and the upside opportunity is critical to success in this market.



SSN Article: CBD Market Crackdown Confusion


The Current Outlook with Government Regulation

The direct sales landscape has changed dramatically over the last several years when it comes to the FTC, the FDA, and government regulations. The industry has adapted, but at times it feels like the target is constantly moving. The FTC has made it clear that direct sales companies chose this model and that they will be held accountable for violations. What does that mean for the industry moving forward?



SSN Article: FTC Threat: A Primer


The Anti-MLM Movement

The College of New Jersey School of Business recently hosted an Anti-MLM Conference that was supported by the FTC. What was discussed? What does it mean for the industry?



SSN Article: FTC-Supported Anti-MLM Conference


Social Selling News is one of my favorite publications. Its publishers are independent and they truly seek to bring to light trends, issues, and concerns for the industry. In addition, they frequently look at ways to address it and how best to approach it in a positive way for the industry.


For the full Masterclass recording, click here.



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