The Evolution of the Direct Sales Journey

Feb 3, 2022 1:00:00 AM / by McKinley Oswald posted in Business, Direct Sales, Sales Tool, Masterclass, McKinley Oswald, Leadership, Team Verb, Direct Scale, Jim Marks


When I attended my first direct sales event in 1991, I helped my dad sell cassette tapes and training tools in the back of the room. We sold different titles that helped distributors introduce the company’s opportunity to their prospects. You could buy a pack of 50 tapes and ten training workbooks for $50. The titles included: “Leverage, Opportunity, and Timing,” “The Right Place. The Right Time. The Right Opportunity.”, and “If Not Now, When?” The industry focused on the opportunity pathway and the tools reflected that. Fast forward 30 years and most things about the direct sales journey have changed. Everything from the tools and the back-office to the customer journey and prospecting techniques. This edition of the Direct Sales Masterclass features a conversation with Jim Marks, the Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder of DirectScale.

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