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Posted by verb on Sep 21, 2021 8:00:00 AM

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It’s no secret that social selling is the new frontier when it comes to e-commerce, and by now you probably know that livestream shopping is the future. For more info on that, take a look at this blog post. Consumer behavior has shifted toward online shopping for years, and this trend was accelerated due to the pandemic. Nearly every brand has an online presence, even if it’s in addition to brick-and-mortar stores, and their customers now expect flexible, engaging e-commerce experiences. Utilizing social and livestream tools is an easy way to breathe life and longevity into a brand, helping you to achieve greater heights than you ever thought possible.  

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It's simple: if you sell online (or even if you don’t yet), you can benefit from a live, interactive shopping experience. Enter verbLIVE, which represents an ideal solution to the increasing challenge of remaining at the forefront of e-commerce technology. 

By combining Verb’s interactive technology with state-of-the-art, effortless livestreaming capabilities, verbLIVE provides a cutting-edge way to tell your company’s story. It’s packed full of innovative features that make it easier than ever to sell, present, or train—from anywhere, and at any time. And to show you just how effective it is at helping your business reach new heights, we want to share our five favorite verbLIVE features. 

Top 5 verbLIVE Features 

  1. Frictionless, web-based platform. We’ve heard from dozens of retail-based customers who detest the tedious and frustrating onboarding process that’s traditionally associated with new software. So, we got rid of it. verbLIVE is a web-based platform that doesn’t require downloads, is available on literally every device, and is so easy that anyone can use it with very minimal instructions. And if you’re worried about needing extra help, don’t be. Our support team is on standby, and our agents are more than happy to make sure you get the most out of using verbLIVE. It's an interactive livestream solution for everyone, including you. 
  2. Customizable and easy-to-use interactive links. Imagine an online shopping experience so seamless and engaging that you almost feel like you’re shopping in a physical store. That’s what you’ll get with verbLIVE. It features interactive buttons, or in-stream links, that allow viewers to make a purchase, schedule a demo or follow-up meeting, connect with you on social media, visit your website, grab your contact information, send you an email, and more without ever leaving the stream, so you can take advantage of their interest while it’s at its very highest. These links are a breeze to customize and add to any livestream event—and did we mention how great they look??  
  3. Quick and intuitive setup. Like we mentioned before, we learned very quickly that nobody likes a hard onboarding or setup process. And with verbLIVE, there is none—in fact, you can go LIVE in under a minute! Whether you have an event planned out for weeks in advance or you want to hop on really quickly to share something with your audience, verbLIVE is accessible and useful for any scenario.  
  4. Instant analytics. Data is our love language and if it isn’t yours, it probably should be. verbLIVE provides instant analytics that makes it easier than ever to make solid, data-driven decisions that can have huge impacts on your company’s growth. You’ll be able to see who’s watching, what they’re clicking on, and more, all in real-time so you can evaluate and adjust your strategies—that's something you’ll never get from another platform.
  5. Complete visibility. As the host, you’ll be able to see who is with you and how they’re interacting. Viewers can even communicate with you (and with each other) via the chat feature, so you can answer questions, respond to feedback, or simply enjoy each other’s company with two-way communication. It’s just one more way verbLIVE provides a fun, social, and friction-free shopping experience that can produce more revenue. 

verbLIVE is where selling, entertainment, sociability, and engagement converge, creating an entirely new social shopping experience that boosts engagement and sales through interactivity. It’s perfect for every business—whether you’re a one-person show or a multi-billion-dollar operation, you can find a way to use verbLIVE.  

Tell your story. Set yourself apart in a sea of businesses. Present and train from a distance. Connect with your audience in ways you never thought possible. How will you go LIVE? To schedule a demo or to learn more about verbLIVE (or any of the other game-changing Verb products), reach out today! 


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