The Power of Video in the Non-Profit World

Posted by verb on May 7, 2019 11:25:51 AM

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     Bulking up the bottom line is ultimately any business’s end goal, and although non-profits are charitable organizations, there is still a job to do—a big one. Creating opportunities for meaningful engagement with a clear call to action is essential for building relationships with funders that will contribute to the survival of the 1.5 million non-profits that make up the industry in the United States.

     Bringing awareness to the mission of a non-profit is only the first step in a successful campaign. Potential funders want to see the emotion tied to the cause and the power behind the organization’s purpose. FundraisingAwareness only goes so far, as reality is clear—if there isn’t money coming in, the non-profit will no longer exist, so efforts to engage donors should be high.

      So, how can that be accomplished, you ask? How can non-profit organizations foster relationships with the 71 percent of U.S. individuals who give to charitable organizations each year that accumulates over $280 billion, and speak to the 29 percent who don’t? 

     There may not be an industry more likely to ignite emotion through advertising than the non-profit sector. And there is no other way to effectively and efficiently convey a meaningful message—a message that will spark emotion, motivate, and compel action—than through video content. Video has opened the doors to opportunities that were once unimaginable, and it would be a mistake for non-profits not to tackle the power behind video usage as it continues to grow alongside the desire to give. As reported by Double the Donation, giving is in its sixth consecutive year of growth, at a 4.1 percent increase from last year, and video can only help facilitate more.  


    Non-profits can use video to tell their story and explain their mission in a way that cannot be expressed through text. 57 percent of people who watch a non-profit’s video go on to make a donation and currently, 25 percent of the adult population volunteer their time, talents, or energy to make a difference. Illustration by Mike ReddyVideo inspires in the moment action when emotions are high and provides instant gratification that much of society craves by being able to act now. Funders want to connect with the organization’s mission by watching the organization in action and feel the emotion behind the cause that video can provide in so many ways. Using video to document a rally, showcase the real-life impact created by fundraising, interview a survivor, explore scientific procedures, or show behind the scenes stories, will allow people to feel more connected to the cause and give them a glimpse of the reality into why they should act.

     Don’t be shy about using the power of social media to promote the cause. Online giving grew by 12.1 percent just in the last year!  Social media has become a marketing platform for businesses to dive right into, and this also goes for non-profits. In the last few years, the average non-profit has seen an increase in their Facebook audience by 13 percent and their Instagram by 44 percent. Utilize “stories” on Facebook and Instagram to create video to discuss and share the importance of your cause because 39 percent of Millennials are most inspired to give by social media.

     Video not only provides a look into the why, it can also facilitate the how. The most important aspect of a video conveying a message to give, and to provide an easy opportunity for the audience to give. Verb’s taggNGO drives engagement with potential funders and inspires action with the use of taggs that are placed directly into the video. It is not enough to simply hope that a viewer will receive the message to act. The message, and the call to action, must be specific and clear. You want your viewer to fund your cause, right? Be clear! Insert a tagg within the video inviting the audience to click the link to donate. Or, give options. Provide your viewer with the opportunity to subscribe to emails to receive more information by clicking the “subscribe” tagg within the video to learn more the organization, while never leaving the video.

      TaggNGO makes connecting and building relationships with funders simple, but it doesn’t stop there. The analytics provided by taggNGO will take your non-profit to the next level by helping you understand what videos are really facilitating change and attracting the most views. Begin to see the aspects of your non-profit that appeal to the audience and result in funding with taggNGO. Your non-profit has a big job to do, so let Verb guide your next move with confidence.