The True Power of Analytics

Posted by nFusz Admin on Nov 27, 2018 8:00:00 AM

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“I want to keep my business as is…”-said, no successful business owner ever.

     The business owners out there that are KILL-ING-IT, are not the ones waiting for word of mouth to build their business. They are not the ones hoping success will just “come with time.” And they are certainly not the ones ignoring the power of analytics. In fact, don’t you realize you are a part of very many companies’ success just by logging onto Facebook? The amount of information your profile serves up just by existing can be compiled of (but not limited to), the amount of time you’re active online, the public groups you join, the number and type of media you like and comment on, and a very long list of data feeding occurrences that happen many times a day from about 1.5 billion users.  There are companies that pay big bucks to know what memes you’re sharing with your BFFs, and like it or not, it’s working flawlessly.

laptop-analytics-2     It may be easy to get “statistics” confused with “analytics”, or easily misunderstand which part of the journey “data” comes from, but even though it’s usually right under your nose at all times, try to think of it in this order: Data gives us stats, that give us analytics. Data is technically every letter, space, hyperlink, click, interrobang, and LOL entered into any given computing device. And we good people, the Users, supply said data. Data is personal and full of individual details, so if we understand where our own data comes from, then we can use and apply that information to supply us with some good and hearty analytics – the kind grandma used to make!


moneyball - giphy-1     Ever see Moneyball? You should because Brad Pitt is the bee’s knees, his legs, AND his arms. But seriously, this is a perfect example of analytics at its finest. Billy Bean, a baseball manager on a budget, was forced to take an un-traditional route to build a team. Bean optimized his budget by using data to scout the exact type of players projected to add to the team’s success. From small MLM businesses to multibillion-dollar corporations, no matter the size these companies can capitalize from reading analytics.



     Analytics allow you to understand your customer through taking a deeper look at their engagement. Now, I’m not talking about simply analyzing the age or location of your average customer; that’s child’s play, and I’m confident you can be more creative than that. I’ll paint the picture: you are a real estate agent with an average looking website that includes your contact information and a listing of homes for sale. I, the customer, am in the market to buy a home. Your website is one of many that I’ve visited, but because you’re properly utilizing analytics, you know when I visited the site, what homes I’ve viewed or hovered over and for how long, and you’ve also been notified that I signed up for your email list. You, the real estate agent, have taken advantage of notifiCRM and because of this, I have not only been added to your email list BUT, I’ll do you one better. I’ve also been added to your “leads” list on your customized dashboard. Now, what you do with the data is up to you. Instead of blindly sending emails to (wait… who are you sending emails to again) You can use the power of analytics to strategically and intentionally send email flows with a specific goal in mind. Wouldn’t it be great to schedule an email to send at 10 a.m. to the person you know has been clicking on your website’s video everyday around 10 a.m.?

     Not only do analytics give you a clear target, but the ability to discover potentially new business opportunities, as well reduce business expenses, according to Forbes. To put it simply, analytics is the brain of your operation. The Kim to your Kanye. The peanut butter to your jelly. The champagne to your mimosa. You can thank nFusz, after you’ve successfully ran a campaign or two through notifiCRM, because interactive video is truly your ticket to effective and quality, real-time analytics.