Connection made easy—why using video shouldn’t make you nervous

Posted by verb on Apr 2, 2019 8:00:00 AM

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     There is no better time than now to embrace video. Can you pinpoint the last time you scrolled through social media without viewing video in one form or another? Neither can I. For those who have yet to embark on the journey of converting a large portion of your business’s marketing strategies to video, there is no more avoiding the inevitable—video is taking over the world, and we believe it must be incorporated into strategies to continue to keep marketing successful. It is true that marketing trends come and go, however, video is in it for the long run. Video usage continues to grow and Cisco projects video to occupy 80 percent of internet traffic in 2019. We hear you when you say ‘video makes me nervous’ or ‘I don’t know how to create or incorporate video’ but the power of video in 2019 is undeniable. young-adult-woman-traveling-and-vlogging-social-C5E3BUH     Do not miss out on the countless opportunities that are available to create meaningful connection through video. We want to share why video is important and exciting, and why video shouldn’t make you nervous.


Creating video doesn’t have to be difficult

     There is no denying that quality video comes with a cost, but creating video doesn’t have to completely drain your marketing budget. Successful companies have taken notice of what consumers want and now 86 percent of businesses have staff dedicated to creating video in house, as reported by Hubspot. If you haven’t already began reserving a portion of your marketing budget for video, you should start now. In the meantime, maximize what you do have and put an end to spending the absurd amount of money and time required to produce a video from start to finish with Promo Video. Enhance what you do with your money (and time) and access millions of instant video clips, along with templates, and footage for a very reasonable monthly subscription. There is no need to spend an entire marketing budget on one video when a subscription to Promo includes the option to browse millions of clips to narrow down to 8 ready-made video clips per month with licensed music and editing tools to customize your video to convey your business’s unique message.  


     On the flip side, you can create and post videos that won’t cost a dime. Social media platforms are now majorly video-driven. Take advantage of this! According to a HubSpot study, 72 percent of consumers prefer video to text marketing information, and 54 percent of consumers want to see more video content from brands they support. Utilize live streams on Facebook and Instagram to connect with your audience. Stay relevant through using “stories” and always have content for your followers to view throughout the day. Not only can stories get content to your audience quickly, but it can also facilitate even more engagement by asking followers to reply. Making this shift into the world of video can greatly benefit your bottom line by creating more interactions with customers. Personally, I am so much more likely to purchase an item, like clothing or an accessory, that I have viewed through live video during a try on session or demonstration video, than I would just viewing the item in a photo. Hubspot reported that 90 percent of consumers say the decision-making process is made easier with product videos, and I would agree.



Competition is stiff, so don’t hold back

     The options for video don’t end at live streams and stories. Be creative! Going to a conference? Film your experience! Who are you interacting with at the event? What is the purpose of attending? These are interesting aspects of business that often are left unseen by consumers and can be easily posted and viewed on your website or attached in an email. What about posting a ‘how to’ video to your website? Give your audience the opportunity to quickly and easily learn about how your product can improve their life. Try taking your audience through a process, like behind the scenes clips of a business deal or charity event that your team attended. The opportunities to successfully get your message out there are endless, and a creative video post can help capture and communicate your brand message effectively in a short amount of time.


     If you plan on building room in your budget for video ads, beware! Ads should not be discouraged because the right ad with the right message can be effective and boost sales. Don’t be nervous about video ads, be mindful. There is a large percentage of viewers who immediately ‘skip ad’ when the chance is presented, but for those who don’t, 15 seconds is the limit, says Marketing Land.


     Whatever route you choose to take with the type of video you share, know that your decision to create and use video is facilitating engagement. Customers will spend 3 times more time on a page than they would without some sort of video content, as reported by Insivia. Don’t let nerves get the best of you. Be confident in your business and embrace the power of video to show what you’re all about.


Video provides personalization

     Humans want to connect with humans. Life can get crazy, and people appreciate interactions with a beating heart even if it is through video. It is known that people are more likely to remember content from video over reading text. Watching video is effortless, yet, engaging. Video gives viewers the opportunity to have an experience and feel more involved. Not only do viewers want to see what is happening, they want to feel what is happening around them. Watching video sparks emotion. Video marketing allows you to control the emotion, tone, vibe, and message, that you are hoping customers receive through text. 


     Now, act! Deciding to dedicate a portion of your marketing budget to video can be nerve racking. You want to be sure that you are going to get a return on investment, we understand. As mentioned earlier, consumers want to see more videos from the brands they follow, so don’t be fearful even if you are a beginner. To keep you on the right track, and confident that your videos are reaching customers and getting your message out there, taggCRM has your back. TaggCRM will help ease the nervousness you might have about jumping into video. Unfortunately, not every video that is created and posted is going to be a success, but don’t let this halt the process. Do away with the guessing game and be aware of which videos are successful, and which videos are failed attempts with analytics provided to you by taggCRM. Did your followers watch the video on your website? If so, did they watch it to the end, or did most viewers fall off after the first 10 seconds? The answers to these questions are crucial in determining your next step, and taggCRM will deliver.


     Much of a business’s success can be defined by taking chances. Committing to developing or building on a video marketing strategy will take dedication and going through some trial and error. Continue to strive for meaningful connection with your customers and if you haven’t already shifted your marketing focus to video, don’t waste any more time on outdated approaches, and allow taggCRM to help you plan your next move with video.


     Schedule a demo so we can help guide your next decision. We are looking forward to it!

- verb