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Posted by Melissa Holdgate on Apr 27, 2021 11:00:00 AM

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At Verb, we take pride in our dedication to giving back to communities in needThis shared passion inspired us to found Verb for Humanitya group of individuals within our organization united in a mission to inspire community action and work toward a brighter future for all humanity.  

Verb for Humanity was formed to validate the existence and experience of every human and make space for them at the table. To listen and grow, even when the things we hear are uncomfortable. To change the trajectory of social attitudes, conversations, and actions by providing education, supporting outreach initiatives, and spreading kindness.  

During Women’s History Month, Verb partnered up with, a foundation, and technology platform dedicated to helping students fight debt and achieve their educational dreams, to create the Verb Women in Businessscholarship. By enabling donors to fund students' education through scholarship opportunities, broadens access to education affordably and sustainably. 

Students around the country are taking on huge amounts of debt to get access to the education they want and need.  The average student today will graduate more than $30,000 in debt and is far less likely to start small business, seek the highest impact career, buy home, or start family. Together with our friends at, we believe we can help solve this problem for students in need.  


Verb Women in Business Scholarship 

The world is full of incredible people who are an opportunity away from making a huge positive impact. With our Verb Women in Business Scholarship, were able to help two inspirational young women fund their education in business and pursue their goals. 

As Serena Williams said, “The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you’re very courageous: be strong, be extremely kind, and above all be humble.” 

We opened the Verb Women in Business Scholarship to all female high school, college, and graduate students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and building a career in business. We asked applicants to record a video of themselves talking about why they chose to study business, what business idea or entrepreneur inspired them to follow this career path, and how this scholarship will help them complete their education and ultimately build the business of their dreams. 

After reviewing nearly 50 qualified and inspiring applicants, we worked as a company to select two students who exuded confidence, presented innovative business ideas, and showed a clear passion for business. Our scholarship will help them fund their education and pursue their dreams 


Scholarship Winners 

 Janet S.png

Janet S. 

“At my future college, I plan to major in Entrepreneurship while starting my first Christian-based clothing business. Eventually, I plan on starting my prospective nonprofit Kushinda, which means overcome in Swahili, focused on the improvement of impoverished youth in low-income families both in Kenya and America and this scholarship assists me in being one step closer to my dream. Winning the Verb Women in Business Scholarship represents far more than just funds for my education, it's an emblem that others believe in my vision as well. I am so grateful to be a recipient of this amazing scholarship! “ 

Janet is a senior in high school from small city in Georgia. She will be the first generation in her family to attend college and hopes to achieve a bachelor's degree in business. Janet is driven and dedicated to building businesses that give back to those in need in Kenya and America.  


 Deborah D

Deborah D. 

Always let your dreams motivate you. The Verb Women in Business Scholarship means a lot to me because it shows there are people in the world working to level the uneven playing field in the world of business and entrepreneurship for women. This scholarship will help me get one step closer to making my dream of going to college and eventually starting a business, possible. Thank you, Verb Technology!”  

Deborah is also a senior in high school who lives in a small city in Delaware She is passionate about her home country Nigeria, STEM, the environment, and all things business and entrepreneurship. She has already started her own small accessories business and has great ideas for future business endeavors.  


Janet and Deborah are two brilliant young women working to build a brighter future, and Verb is proud to help!  


About the author:
Verb’s own top partner liaison, Melissa Holdgate is a Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager. As a graduate from the University of Rhode Island and a former Chinese Language Flagship program ambassador with a degree in International Business, she brings important real-world experience from around the globe to Verb. When she’s not heading up our Affiliate Program for verbLIVE, she’s most often found working on her artistic interests like watercolor painting, or outside enjoying nature.