Introducing: verbLIVE + Team Attribution

Posted by Heather Hanson on Apr 20, 2021 11:00:00 AM

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At Verb, we’re constantly brainstorming new ways to make life easier for our clients and their users. And one of our newest updates, verbLIVE + Team Attribution, is promising to be a game-changer when it comes to the direct sales industry.

Introducing Team Attribution

Look, we get it—not every distributor is comfortable with the idea of presenting. From time to time, it can be a little scary for even the most seasoned sales veterans. Which is why frequently upon enrollment, a new distributor/consultant will invite their guests to a home party of hotel meeting to hear their upline or another company leader present. It’s a low-pressure way for them to get accustomed to the company, products, and how to best present them.

Following the meeting, the presenter helps the new distributor enroll their guests as customers or business builders and help them place their orders. It’s a longstanding system that works. However, during an era of social distancing, this process has become more difficult—and that's why we’ve invented Team Attribution. Coupled with verbLIVE, it’s the ideal way for distributors to present and sell online.

As you probably already know, verbLIVE allows a direct seller to host a live meeting and utilize interactive buttons to sell products and enroll live meeting participants. These interactive buttons allow for a unique and engaging selling experience. It’s a powerful tool that allows users to make instant purchases without ever leaving a Livestream selling event. And Team Attribution takes it to an entirely new level.


How Team Attribution Works

  1. A leader notifies their team members when they are going live. This announcement will come through as a push notification, as well as an item in the feed.
  2. App users will then be able to share their leader’s LIVE link to invite their guests to attend the leader’s LIVE meeting.
  3. As the leader presents, they will share interactive links for attendees to purchase and join the business. These interactive links will give attribution (credit for purchase/enrollments) to whoever invited the meeting participant to the LIVE meeting.
  4. After the meeting, the presenter will gain access to a full analytics report for effective follow-up. Inviters will also receive data about their invitees, and credit for any purchases made from said invitees.


For Example...
So, let’s say one of Top Company’s leaders, Joe, hosts a weekly meeting for his prospects. Viewers who click on his in-stream buttons are taken directly to his website to make a purchase, which Joe receives credit for. When Joe hosts his next meeting, he invites Tammy, Sarah, and Dave to join, and they each invite others to attend via the app. And when Tammy’s guests click on a button, they’re taken to her site instead of Joe’s--and she receives credit for all purchases and enrollments made by a person she invited. The same is true for Sarah and Dave.

After the meeting, Joe receives a report, telling him which of his team members invited which guests, how long each was on the video, and exactly what they clicked on.

It’s that simple. Prospects don’t have to wait to make a purchase until after a meeting. They don’t' have to worry about entering in distributor IDs. And, best of all, distributors can ensure get credit for all of their hard work.


The Benefits:

  • Allows distributors a way to effectively present to their prospects and customers at any time, from anywhere.
  • Provides a unique and engaging selling experience.
  • Enables distributors to receive credit for sales and enrollments made by invited prospects/ customers during the live event.
  • Access to real-time notifications detailing the actions of each viewer, as well as reported analytics after the event.

Taking the Frustration Out of Follow Up

You may have heard the adage “the fortune is in the follow-up.” We say it a lot around here because it’s true. In fact, more than 80% of sales require some sort of follow-up. And the more personalized the outreach, the better. However, following up tends to be one of the most neglected aspects of sales, with nearly a quarter of sales reps admitting to forgoing it after just one attempt.

But now, following up has never been easier. Verb takes the guesswork out of all of it by providing access to real-time notifications AND detailed analytics after the event, so you can expertly tailor your follow-up technique for each prospect.


Try It Yourself

With this new feature, it’s never been easier to join a new company, train a new distributor, or start making sales. It’s the ultimate tool to help grow your team, as even brand-new members can invite guests to leader-hosted meetings and get credit for their purchases and/or enrollment. Looking for an easier way to present? To train? Or simply to get more comfortable with your product offering? VerbLIVE + Team Attribution can help you do it all. To learn more, or to schedule a demo, click here.


About the author:
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