Video Resumes — The future of landing the perfect position

Posted by verb on May 21, 2019 8:00:00 AM

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Video usage is constantly on the rise, and because video has become so powerful, it would be no surprise if your next job application required a video resume. There are countless benefits of submitting a video resume for both the employer and the applicant. Video gives the applicant the opportunity to expand on the most impressive points in the resume and really sell their personality while employers can judge the professional presentation and demeanor of the candidate.


Submitting a video resume is a win/win, so understanding why using video is so beneficial could help you land that job you have always dreamed about.


Why choose to create a video resume?

Text has nothin’ on video. Video can draw attention and communicate emotion in a way that text never could. This is probably why Cisco projects video to occupy 80 percent of internet traffic in 2019. More and more companies are choosing to incorporate video into their marketing strategies. In fact, 87 percent of businesses are using video as a marketing tool, as reported by Wyzowl, and this number is continuously rising.


Because of the rise in video usage in so many fields, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for any employer to request a video resume, especially an employer in the tech world. Requesting a video resume is a good opportunity for potential employers to test the technical and sales skills associated with creating a video resume given a short amount of time to sell yourself.

How a video resume can benefit you

Creating a video resume should not make you nervous. It should do just the opposite! Video provides benefits that a traditional text resume never could.


Highlight your personality

Video gives you the chance to highlight characteristics of your personality that would be appealing to a potential employer. Through video, you can express real emotion and show excitement and enthusiasm about the job position. Being able to connect through video allows you to emphasize certain emotions tied to your knowledge of the position that traditional text resumes may not be able to effectively communicate.


Expand on key points in your resume

Just as you would list skills on a traditional resume, you would want to speak about your skills on a video resume except, take it a step further. With video, you’re able to expand on work-related experience by giving specific examples of times you utilized your skills to solve a problem. This isn’t something you would normally add to your paper resume. Instead, these scenarios are typically discussed during interviews.


One advantage to a video resume is that you can provide so much more of your story before even being chosen for an interview. 


More control over how you are perceived

Video will help you present yourself the way you want to be perceived by your potential employer. Try focusing on one strong quality you value in yourself that pertains to the job opening.


Don’t be ashamed to edit your video and record as many times as needed to portray yourself in the best way possible. A huge benefit of a video resume is having control over the extremely valuable first impression.  


Tips for creating a video resume

Be professional

Treat your video resume just as you would an interview. There is no doubt that you want to showcase your personality, but don’t go overboard trying to make an impression.


You should appear comfortable in your video but dress and speak professionally. A video resume will allow more of your personality to shine through, however, avoid using slang words or dressing too casually. Also, be sure that you have a quiet setting to record so there is nothing distracting you or the viewer.


Keep it simple

Keep everything from your background, color choices, and your script, simple. The same rules apply to video resumes as they do any other marketing video. Attention spans are low and people are busy, so your video resume should be no longer than 2 minutes.


Also, don’t be too bold in your wardrobe or word choices. Video needs to be appealing to the eye, so choosing basic, soft colors, will only enhance your chances of being chosen. Of course, you should speak articulately, but don’t be too fancy. Use relevant words to the job position that show your knowledge but be careful not to use jargon.


Keep your audience in mind

Treat your video resume like you would a marketing video or ad. Do research on your audience to have a better understanding of what your message should encompass. You wouldn’t send the same video resume for a marketing associate position at a laid-back retail store as you would for a marketing coordinator position at a non-profit.


What you need to know from employers

Time is not your friend

At Verb, we view video as the new wave of resumes; unfortunately, not everyone has jumped on this wave. Time is not your friend in this case. Hiring managers or recruiters have very limited time to review candidates, and as they would look for key words and points in a traditional resume, they want to hear those same words in your video resume, and quickly.


 Make sure to take key words from the job posting and apply it to your video resume to show you understand what knowledge and experience would be expected of the position. For example, a job posting might say, “Applicants must have excellent interpersonal skills to effectively problem solve with customers.” You will want to say something like, “I have displayed excellent communication skills during a situation where a customer was unhappy, and I helped solved the problem by (insert example).”


You only have a short time to sell yourself in the beginning to keep the recipient interested enough to continue watching. On average, a recruiter will spend only 6 seconds reviewing a traditional resume so it is essential for your success not to waste any time. Be prepared and well-rehearsed so you can get straight to the most impressive points to hold the attention of the viewer.


Video resumes are a great opportunity to showcase your strengths but spending too much time trying to make an impression without selling your best accomplishments and skills will be a wasted opportunity.


Prepare yourself for the reality that your video may be bypassed

Let’s be real—there is a chance your video won’t even be viewed. Because video resumes still have not fully emerged into the hiring process, employers still shy away from using video to move forward in the hiring process.


Having your video bypassed should not be viewed as a negative. Why?


This gives you the opportunity to evaluate if the potential employer is right for you. If you’re applying for a position at a tech company that doesn’t accept video resumes, it is important to think about if that company is really for you.


Always be prepared with a killer paper resume in addition to your video just in case your video will not be accepted.



Although video resumes have not replaced the traditional resume, we believe that it will not be long before the power of video totally takes over the application and hiring process. It is important for everyone in any field to be prepared for this change.


Remember, the video resume should not make you nervous. The benefits greatly outweigh any fear associated with creating a video. Video gives you the valuable opportunity to make an impression before meeting with the hiring manager, which may give you a head start on your competition.


Don’t be afraid to put your best qualities out there, and don’t get discouraged if your video isn’t accepted. Be prepared, and keep in mind that your forward thinking and assertiveness will show through with the employer who is perfect for you.