What is Interactivity?

Posted by nFusz Admin on Nov 26, 2018 11:29:05 AM

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For us, interactivity is a term we use in our office quite a bit.




  1. the process of two people or things working together and influencing each other.

"improved interactivity between companies"

  1. the ability of a computer to respond to a user's input.

"a programming language that you can use to add interactivity to your web pages"

Between internal team meetings and the regular office day, demos and on-boarding calls with our client base, and any development we have during the stint of production, on a particular day this month I counted this word mentioned 56 times. Seriously. I wish I still had the post-it note I used to keep tally!

Now let’s think about this. Interactivity is our Coke Classic here at nFusz. We truly want to share it with the world first because eventually, the whole world will be pouring a nice healthy glass of this good stuff on the regular.

But what does interactivity mean to you? Are you seeing uses of it sprinkled through this ever-changing digital world?

Hulu, via Amazon’s Fire TV, has intergraded the use of ads that allow you to click the on-screen button and it will lead you to more content from the advertiser. So far, I’ve seen a few Jack ‘n Box ads that give you a coupon, a “More Info” button on a Lemonade app ad, and the interactive movie trailer for “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” that allows you to click on the characters for behind-the-scenes features. Interactive TV ads like these, share the experience we are bringing to our users by allowing what is already an immersive experience and adding insight that was not yet available through video alone. Tracking down who watched your video, for how long, and viewing what they clicked on (or even hovered over), is the super power we’re ready to share with you.

But seriously, what IS interactivity?!

Well for starters, we put flashing rings around the elements you should click on in our interactive videos, and we’ve always received good feedback for that. Per the definition at the beginning, interactivity is a partnership. Consider our notifi-rings invitations to travel down a path to a place where some new piece of knowledge, you didn’t have before, dwells. Imagine being immersed in an Escape Room game (believe me, we love a good ER during team bonding sessions), and if the items that were pertinent to success were glowing, encouraging you to interact, wouldn’t there be a different experience? At the heart of it, that’s what interactivity is. It’s a guide to the most effective calls to action, and with clickable buttons within a video, you’re keeping more retention then you could ever before.

Take the video below for example. It documents different moments where SNCF, a Paris Railway company, used a live video screen placed within an upright door. Since the locations of these doors are in open spaces, prone to foot traffic, the number of people that felt compelled to engage grew over time. It is actually pretty cool, so no one is blaming anyone! While watching this though, think about any calls-to-action that comes to mind.

What did you come up with?

Although using a video screen in a public place in this form doesn’t seem to ask the viewer to do anything with the screen they are standing in front of, the same invitation exists within interactive videos online. The invitation to engage can be simple or complex, but it will always be personal. “Hey You! Click Here. Learn More. Buy Now.” These are direct callouts to our attention spans and, maybe even deeper, our desires.

And based on the message, how could you not respond?

That’s what interactivity is. An experience. A portal. More than a simple CTA, but a virtual hand extending an invitation.

How many videos do you have in your phone right now? On your YouTube channel? Think of the opportunities that could be gained if we added interactivity and resurrected them from those deep ashes of Forgottenland. Maybe setting up a demo is in your foreseeable future. Click Here, and set up a meeting with us, while your attention is at its highest!

Last question…How many times did I say interactivity today? 🤓