Will Video Ever Rule The World?

Posted by nFusz Admin on Jan 15, 2019 8:15:00 AM

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     We are living in a fast-paced environment that requires constant juggling of day-to-day activities. So, how do we remain engaged and connected? How do we satisfy that craving to interact, feel a sense of belonging, but still achieve our daily goals? The answer sounds complicated, but it’s not. Video, that’s how. Over at nFusz, we can confidently say that video is most definitely taking over the world.  

      Just look through your phone…go ahead, we’ll wait! Let’s start with your social media apps. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have all become video driven as a way for users to engage instantly through video posts, live streaming, or “stories.” Watch out, profile page! Video features are beginning to take over the show. We can fulfill our desire for instant gratification by viewing our friend’s activities in real-time, or catch up on their last twenty-four hours of vacation or Sunday Funday.  While main pages are still important, especially for businesses, stories can be used to provide blurbs of content that can reach viewers quickly and draw attention to an account. It wouldn’t be the least bit shocking if these apps converted to all video, very soon.

     Now, look at the apps you use to connect with family and friends: FaceTime, Marco Polo, Skype. This form of video has given people the opportunity to feel connected through a tap of an app. I’ll never knock a good old fashioned ‘Thank You’ note, or hand-written letter, but nothing compares to seeing a face and hearing a loved one’s voice. This form of engagement is tremendously personal in a hectic world. Through video chat we are able to feel more involved, connected, and ultimately a better sense of belonging.

      Don’t forget about the holidays when you watched reviews or demonstrations on Amazon instead of spending the time to read through text to make an informed decision in the buying process. According to a HubSpot study, 72 percent of consumers prefer video to text marketing information. Just “Google it” and you will discover study after study claiming that, basically, humans prefer to see humans. Why? Well, it’s effortless yet, engaging. We can mindlessly watch a review, “try on session”, demonstration, or live LuLaRoe Facebook video of our long-lost friend from high school showing off their enormous collection of print leggings. With the help of video, consumers can make a quick decision and move on with the day.

     Of course, we surely cannot discuss video without mentioning the king. The platform that pioneered the way for all other video platforms. The game-changer (insert any dramatic pre-game warm up music)-YouTube. We can get as mindless as watching seven-year-old Ryan play with toys for millions of dollars, or research through video the art and history of the Irish jig. Random (I know), but point made. Suddenly, we can feel a sense of connection with pretty much anyone, or anything you’re into. YouTube sparked the video sensation and paved the way for video domination. Dramatic? We think not.

     Video bulldozes barriers and connects people to one another, places, and things. Businesses must utilize this power, or risk falling behind. Video content provides the world with experience and opportunity, and it’s what consumers want to see. Believe it! A HubSpot survey reported that 54 percent of consumers want to see more video content from the brands they support. Video is fun, effortless, and engaging for the consumer, so give the people what they want! 


WhatsApp Image 2018-12-21 at 6.39.42 PM     Video is a business’s ticket to return on investment. As I mentioned, video drives engagement because it provides an opportunity to feel connected and involved. Video may help build trust through human to human experience by adding emotion during a time when your usual marketing strategies feel stale. The opportunities to engage through video are endless. Be creative. How can you use video for your own world domination? Glad you asked. Your product is effective, but isn’t super interesting or exciting? Post a live feed to your Facebook while giving a tour of your facility and the humans that make the magic happen. Does your business give back to the community? Take a video! This is something that as a consumer, I would value. Post a video clip to your website of your employees volunteering their time, or donating a portion of profit to the community. Mix it up and do a giveaway on your business’s Instagram stories. Facilitate interaction through video and get people involved. Promote your business through sharing a customer’s video review to your Twitter feed. Or, easily create visual content with our friends over at PromoVideo. Choose from millions of ready-made video clips, add features, and attach to an email or blog. The options for what to do with video are endless; it is up to you to choose how to utilize video to transform your marketing.


     Hopefully by now you realize how video not only consumes our personal lives and helps us stay engaged, but also how this translates into the world of business and consumers. Yes, video is indeed a key way to boost your return on investment, but that is just the first step. Take away the guessing game and be aware of which videos are successful, and which videos are failed attempts with nFusz’s notifiCRM. How will you know when the reader stopped reading your email? Or if your Instagram followers actually read your post? Well, you won’t. When you use video to connect with our audience, notifiCRM provides you with important analytics to drive your next marketing decision. Did your followers watch the video on your website? If so, did they watch it to the end, or did most viewers fall off after the first 10 seconds? The answers to these questions are crucial in determining your next step, and notifiCRM will deliver. Go a step further and insert video features with a clear call to action. Do you want to give your audience the option to schedule an appointment, talk to someone directly, or sign up to receive emails? nFusz’s notifiCRM has got you covered.

      Video has completely changed the way people engage, and will continue to transform future interaction. It is important that as a business, you jump on board the video train. There is no better time than now. Don’t forget, deciding to incorporate video into your strategy is just the first step. Let nFusz guide your interactions within your video, and send you on the right track to world domination!