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Feb 3, 2021 8:00:00 AM / by McKinley Oswald

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When I first met John Haremza, he was a distributor for Rexall. Our team worked with him and other leaders to develop and support a recruiting system that involved handing out 50 cassette tapes a month, narrowing down a distributor’s prospects to 10 to get them started, and then assisting them in repeating the system. The concept was to let the tool do the work. Why? Because a tool never has an off day. A tool gives the appropriate presentation. Every. Single. Time. Having the right tools can allow your field to be the messenger without having to be the message. A lot has changed since those days of the cassette tape, but the foundation of tools hasn’t. Using the right tools can create a culture of business building that will be duplicatable across your company. Tools have evolved, and your company needs to be aware or you will be left behind.

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Technology Has Changed the Tool Game

When I first met John Haremza, he was fairly new to the industry. In my opinion, John is the most successful unknown distributor in the industry. He has made over $25 million in his career and continues to lead and train large organizations about how to effectively use tools to grow their businesses. John has been one of the leaders in innovation in the industry over the past 30 years. Going from cassettes to VHS to CDs/DVDs and now with an app, he has ensured that his organization has the right tools to effectively build.


“When I started building, I would tell my team: ‘If you can push play, you can build a business.’ It was that simple.”

– John Haremza


Fast forward 30 years and now John says: “If you have two thumbs you can build a business.” It truly has evolved from being a home-based business reliant on VHS/cassettes to a modern business with an app on a smart phone. The process is still the same, it’s just easier now.



The conversation has changed from, “Have you had a chance to listen to that tape?” to, “My app notified me that you watched that video I sent in that link—what did you like about it?”


“The Verb app has gamified the industry and makes the follow up so much easier!” – John Haremza


Gone are the days when you had to hound a prospect to see if they had a chance to listen to the cassette. Now you can see what percentage of a video they watch and engage right in the moment, when your presentation is still on your contact’s mind. The fortune is in the follow up, and that follow-up step has never been easier.


Using Tools in the New World

I had a client tell me that their field had to advance five years technologically in the matter of five weeks when the pandemic hit March of 2020. Without the ability to do a home party, meet at a coffee house, or hold a hotel meeting, all direct sellers had to adjust to the new normal. This new world required them to find a way to host live meetings, share prospecting tools, and build their business on their phone. Companies that had a solid foundation and a digital strategy in place prospered, while those that didn’t struggled.

John outlined this in his most recent book, Network Marketing in the New World. Having an app, access to communication tools, and the ability to meet others online became imperative to a distributor’s success. John was aware of this new world and he and his team were quick to make adjustments that allowed them to continue their success.



How Can Verb’s Platform Help Your Company Embrace the New World?

  • verbLIVE: the latest product release allows your distributors to go live and share buy links, enrollment links, product details, and have all the data on the back-end—like who attended, how long they were in the meeting, and the interactions they clicked on. This product is now LIVE (pun intended), and our clients are seeing great success!
  • The Verb App: Sales enablement at its finest. Empower your field with the ability to share content, send samples, record interactive videos with buy links and more.
  • verbLEARN: On-boarding and training have never been easier with our gamified mobile LMS. In fact, a recent case study showed a client DOUBLED their retention at 6-month and 12-month comparisons.

Having the right digital tools is critical to enabling your field to succeed. One client said to me on a previous Masterclass: “I’m so grateful we had this tool in place when the pandemic hit. The timing was perfect to allow our field to adapt.”


Keep it Simple—Let the Tool Do the Work

Why do some distributors succeed, and others don’t? Why do some companies hit momentum, and others stay stuck in their current rut? What is the difference between being right, and almost right? John addresses these topics in his book, Right or Almost Right—The Line Between Phenomenal Success and Average Results in Network Marketing. Often times, it is the little adjustments in how you approach your tool culture that can make a big difference. And, many companies are not that far off in their approach.



Having a tools system and culture in place can help establish the right system to help you succeed. Letting the tools do the work for your field will help increase the success and create a duplication system. Most times, the whole job is about getting the tool in their hands. Giving them an app, a sampling system, and an easy pathway to follow-up can ensure you find that success.


John is a great example to the industry on the power of tools and relying on tools to build the business. I’m confident that what he does and the way he builds will make it so that he is no longer the most successful unknown distributor in the industry.



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