3 Tips to Improve Writing Scripts for your Company Videos

Posted by nFusz Admin on Oct 23, 2018 8:00:00 AM

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     Scriptwriting. A horrible daunting task.

     It use to be handed off solely to your entry-level camera guy, and over time he develops a practice for communicating the company message to whoever dares step in front of the camera. We’ve all seen that guy.

     But what about you? Is your media person overwhelmed with the other sides of production, so much, that the thought of writing five drafts of a retargeting message just isn’t feasible?

     How can this process get consolidated for you? Well, for one, just like every side of production, the power is truly in your hands. When creating a video that you want to share with your network, whether that be via your weekly newsletter, email campaign, or even a blog such as this one, don’t stress too much over-analyzing your content.

     Let’s go over a few points that will allow your new scripts moving forward, to be received just as well as they’re given.

1. Your Why

     The most important part of a great idea is: “why the heck are we doing this thing in the first place?” This great idea, transformed into a video that you will send to your followers, clients, and investors, needs a solid script. This solid script needs a beginning, middle, and end. And by the end, your audience should be so clear on why they are watching your video, that they’re either lost in a portal of watching the rest of your video content for a full lunch break, or they’re making a purchase. The WHY is the heart and soul of your video message. So, roll up your sleeves, turn your ball cap backward, and hunker down, because this is the part you don’t want to shave any details on.

2. Translate Accordingly

      What if your business model involves a good portion of tech, a little bit of finance, and a product that is in high demand? Your message could get lost in the layers of everything your company has to offer. Be sure to think of the newest member of your audience at all times. This potential superfan has a lot to offer you but also a lot to get up to speed on. Your audience shouldn’t feel like they’re listening to a symposium about your company’s 10-year projection, so remember to keep those challenging whale hunting words in your back pocket for another presentation. In fact, just throw that pocket away completely. Anytime you are sending a curated message to someone, it should be to evoke emotion. Get people on your side. Always remember, “Motion creates Emotion”. So, crafting a short and sweet message that progressively moves forward, will place your viewers in a comfortable seat and you’ll be writing the stories on how you won them over.

3. Be Creative

     Your word is bond when it comes to sending an effective message. So how about we spruce up some of those bad boys. *Cue Diddy Anthem* Splat! Pow! Bang! We can all recollect the memories of seeing those words fly across the screen of the old Adam West ‘Batman’ series. The same type of style can be used in your company videos. Not everything you write for a video has to be audible, and not everything audible has to come from the actor onscreen. Use text, voice-overs, cartoons, and 3D animations to fill your screen. If you haven’t seen our vlog on what to create some of this content with, check it out here. Your audience is hungry for your content, so don’t leave them hanging with the same dish over and over. Light a candle in your new found B2B/B2C relationship and let’s keep the love brewing!

     Well, there you have it for now. If you have trouble tackling any of these issues, always remember to practice. All things get better with time and we can’t wait to see what videos you produce. If you need a good reason to use your sales and marketing videos in an effective way, click here and try notifiCRM for a free trial. We’ll see you on the other side!