Today is National Camera Day, and here's your guide to Verb's apps!

Posted by David Butler on Jun 29, 2021 8:00:00 AM

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Are you an aspiring photographer? A professional photographer? Or just someone who likes to take photos on rare occasions? How about videography? Has recording the many videos of your friends' antics over the years made you a professional yet? If so, then you are celebrating with us! Today is National Camera Day, and we have a short ‘Verbified’ guide for all of the camera lovers out there. In the end, you will be making an interactive video today, and it will be epic – we promise!


Verb's apps are perfect for any user level; whether you are looking for a way to spice up your product video or just need follow-up with a client, we have something here that will suit your needs perfectly.

Did you know that 21 years ago marked the year that the first mobile phone with a built-in camera is introduced? Depending on who you ask, it could seem like we've all been doing the "new-age-let-me-take-a-selfie-and-tag-you" shuffle for quite some time! But since the first record of a photographed image happened in 1825, it does seem like we're just getting started. So, in paying homage to the creation of these devices, let's assume you haven't already visited our website and get you started with a camera journey today that we're sure you're going to love.


verbCRM helps you Multiply Conversion Rates

From the Learn feature to the highly effective Sampling feature, we provide many solutions for our clients and users to succeed. But still, the reigning champion of piqued interest, and our alluring belle-of-the-ball, has to be interactive video! This unique tool allows distributors to communicate with leads like never before with a platform designed to sell. With a personalized, engaging, and effortless experience, their sales force can quickly multiply their conversion rates.

It’s common knowledge that video is one of the main drivers in marketing and sales efforts today. Verb's interactive video technology allows users to record their own video, add interactive links, and share it with their prospects. Take that puppy filter!


Interactive links ranging from visiting your website, calling directly from the video, emailing from the video, to linking your social networks -- the opportunities are endless for exposure to your audience. The best part is that it’s so easy to do, and by downloading the verbGO app, you could give it a try today. With real-time notifications coming right to your phone, you’ll know who opened your video, how long they watched it, and what they clicked on. All this data is stored in one place, allowing your sales force to not only follow up but close the sale. Or, if you just sent a fun video to your friends with dinner options for this upcoming holiday weekend, you could decide without waiting on a reply!


verbLIVE is a game-changer

Now let’s switch gears to the other camera that has benefitted us greatly this past year, our laptop. Hosting meetings via Teams and Zoom have allowed us to continue working in our fast-paced industries during the global pandemic. And knowing how effective the use of video is, plus the explosive $70 billion growth of live streaming this year, plus the very cool integration of interactivity to live streaming video that Verb has produced, it's no wonder verbLIVE is turning heads left and right.

"There's so much runway ahead, so much growth, so much greater adoption. This is going to change everything." – Rory Cutaia, CEO & Founder of Verb Technology Co.

The convenience of "going Live" has opened up a much larger conversation of the popularity and sustainability of live streaming. As verbLIVE has been growing this year, Verb has stepped up to the challenge of producing “The Best LIVE E-Commerce Selling Platform" – all from the camera on our devices that we use every day.

With verbLIVE, users can create interactive live streams in just a matter of seconds, share interactive buttons so your audience can engage with you and purchase your products effortlessly right in your stream, and truly explore new ways to sell, inform, or promote with verbLIVE.

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Want another perk for this app? Yes, you guessed it, you can also get started right now! With verbLIVE, you get real-time data analytics of your live streams, so you can keep track of how many people are attending your event, who is interacting with your links, and how many purchases are being made.


More than a Sell

In conclusion, while our company is centered around helping you sell your products and being highly efficient in your business, this post is genuinely centered around appreciating the camera technology that has gotten us here today. I mean, think about it, the vast digital world we all have integrated ourselves in the last two decades has seen an amazing number of advances. From the first Sanyo flip phone to the 4k movie filming iPhone 12 Pro Max, it still boggles my brain that someone still successfully conceptualized the Ring Home Security camera. Have you ever seen the server rooms the most prestigious buildings in the country have built to accommodate the security cameras on their grounds? Yet, Jamie Siminoff created a home consumer option that is brilliant.

It’s not verbLIVE brilliant, but still, I have to give credit where credit is due!


About the author:
David Butler, Creative Lead,  is currently working with our creative team, as they tackle daily issues surrounding everything from client success to Verb's sales and marketing efforts. He also just started learning how to play the guitar and plans to go on a small winter tour in the Pacific Northwest in a few years.