Verb and Waymark Better Together

Posted by verb on Mar 20, 2019 12:30:00 PM

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     Verb provides the tools and platform designed to supercharge video to inspire action. We know that video production can be time consuming and costly — anyone who has made a video knows that translating a creative vision into reality is a lot more complicated than it sounds.

     To make the process easy, use Waymark — an online video maker empowering anyone to make exceptional video ads in minutes. VERB is here to help you boost the impact of your video, but we know that having great video to start is a challenge. With Waymark, it’s easy to create beautiful video content that is effective in it’s own right — ready to drive action in a way that will only be amplified with the help of VERB.

Waymark & VERB: Better Together

     Choose from Waymark’s broad selection of premium templates, each optimized for a different purpose: advertising, branding, driving leads, social media marketing, showing off your products or telling a story. Once you’ve chosen a template, then personalize by uploading your photos and logo, choosing your colors and music, and adding your own message. Voila. You have an HD video ad tailor-made for your business.

      Let’s say you’re a realtor. You already have listing photos on hand. With Waymark, you can upload them to a professionally-designed template, add listing details and contact information, and download. The whole process only takes a few minutes. You can put ad spend behind it, text or email it to your clients, or post it on social media. Then, with VERB, you can amplify the capabilities of your video to drive action.

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      Waymark empowers you by giving you access to video creative that has already gone through a 29-step professional production process by the time it appears on their site as a template. Using their videos will make you look like you have a team of professional producers, directors, designers, and animators behind’s that good.

      Making videos on Waymark is the easiest way to make the most of your budget and time, and to keep your content fresh and up to date. With new templates every month and a subscription option, you can constantly roll out videos for different purposes, or make dramatically different versions of the same video to A/B test against one another.


Getting The Most From Waymark

  • Choose a template. Choose from a wide variety of styles, lengths, industry focuses, and aspect ratios to find the video template that makes most sense for your video project. Browse by industry, use case, or creative style.
  • Personalize your video. The editing experience on Waymark is very smooth — the editor interface is clear and easy to use, and all the changes you make are instantly visible. No rendering, no app — all right in your browser. Choose from music tracks that are all pre-licensed and perfectly cut to fit the beats of the video. Craft your message and add text and a call to action. Drag and drop your photos to upload, crop them, and select where they should go in the video. You can also choose your colors. Either choose from the pre-selected themes or on some templates, input the hex code of your brand colors to make sure it looks just right.
  • Download, and start marketing. Once you’re happy with the video you’ve created, you can download the HD-ready video file, and you’re ready to start marketing. Head to VERB to add the next level of calls to actions and set up the features that will allow you to monitor and analyze video performance. Get results in real time so you can make changes as you go and maximize the impact of your videos.


     Video is a great way to build relationships with your customers, and with VERB you can accurately see what parts of your business your videos are impacting and adjust accordingly. Having access to these analytics will make the use of video significantly more powerful for your brand.

     Video doesn’t have to be a bottleneck in your process. The key to a great video strategy is being able to test, learn, and grow as you go. When video is easy-to-produce and it’s effectiveness can be measured, many doors open for the ways you can use it to grow your business.

     If you have not augmented your marketing strategy with video yet because you thought it would be too difficult to create and impossible to measure its effectiveness, now is the time to see how Waymark with VERB can show you the way.