Can Non-Profit Organizations Benefit From Interactive Video?

Posted by nFusz Admin on Oct 3, 2018 8:00:00 AM

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     Did you know according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics,  more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are registered in the U.S. This number includes public charities, private foundations, and other types of nonprofit organizations… including chambers of commerce, fraternal organizations and civic leagues.

     With sites like Crowdrise, Indiegogo, and RocketHub just to name a few, we know that getting the word out about your cause is important, and the ability to share your message with as many people as possible is imperative to a successful campaign.

     American individuals, estates, foundations and corporations contributed an estimated $390 billion to U.S. charities in 2016, according to Giving USA 2017. In 2010, nonprofits accounted for 9.2% of all wages and salaries paid in the United States. (Source: The Nonprofit Almanac, 2012)

     That’s a lot of good money going to great causes, and even more awareness and funding can be generated with interactive videos.

     In the video below, David wants to show you exactly we mean:

     People, in general, want to contribute and do good things, but don't always know the easiest way to go about it. Total giving rose 2.7 percent in current dollars (1.4 percent adjusted for inflation) from the revised estimate of $379.89 billion for total giving in 2015. Having an official video by a non-profit organization, with the link right in the video, a downloadable sheet about how your contribution will help, or even a fixed donation button is key.

     This product of nFusz’s interactive video technology we’re calling notifiNGO is a virtual step in the digital space where so many people want to find help and be helpful. Aside from just raising awareness and receiving donations, your audience could even watch the video and respond to the call to action of volunteering by clicking on a “How can I help” button, that leads to a form… all within the video.

     Take a look at this crowd fundraising video by Utica Zoo:

     If you are apart of a nonprofit organization or know a candidate that qualifies, maybe even sharing this video alone is the next step in getting someone out there the help they need.

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