Happy Birthday Will Smith! [iVid]

Posted by nFusz Admin on Sep 25, 2018 11:00:00 AM

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     First and foremost, Happy Birthday Fresh Prince! We hope Will Smith enjoys skydiving over the Grand Canyon to celebrate his 50th birthday! If you didn't know about it, click here to see him do it live @ 3pm est today!

     But let’s tackle this from our standpoint. Have you ever had a message you want to send directly to someone that is also a general message for a larger audience? For example, recently we have added new board members to our team, and instead of an interactive video (I know, how dare us) we created some material for social media and our newsletter that welcomed them to the team. The flyers served a dual purpose, as it also informs our community of the newly added team members.

    You can also achieve this with interactive video.

We created a video birthday message for Will, first because we love him, and second because his partners at YouTube asked the world to create said video using the hashtag #WillSmithTheJump for a chance to show it to him on his birthday. And Voila!

     Using an interactive video like this comes full circle when doing things for your clients, staff members, prospects and more- because you aren’t just sending a boring video. You’re taking that video and adding a call to action that actually is fun and engaging. We’ve all seen e-Cards right?! Now take that simple way of brightening someone’s day and create an interactive video.

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