4 Tips For a Successful CTA Video

Posted by nFusz Admin on Sep 18, 2018 11:00:00 AM

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     A call to action… we all know the importance of adding a distinct purpose to any video you share. We all understand that there are various CTA’s that are coupled with various messages in any particular video. We also know in order to launch a successful CTA, we should understand where and when our audience should be ready to engage.

     With nFusz Interactive Video technology, adding CTA buttons is a breeze, and we’ve come up with 4 helpful tips to walk you through the process. Mitch, our Head Media Producer, has a few tips in this video below:

     For your reading pleasure, here are some explanations with these tips:

     1.The placement, timing, and length of your CTA

When adding clickable buttons, you want to ensure that your audience is clear on what is being displayed. To provide clarity, here are a few things to keep in mind before creating your video. If your video is mostly text and pictures, or even an animation, make sure the text in your buttons is complimentary to the style of your final version. If your video is live action featuring yourself or another person, keep in mind what equipment is being used to film. A webcam, DSLR, Cell Phone, or even a high end professional camera all share the same rules. Leave enough head space (distance from top to the head to the top of screen – very important for webcam or cell phones) when prepping your shoot. Think about the final version of your video. Will it be on a blog page where you can choose any size of video format? Will it be a linked to your newsletter that primarily has a mobile display? Regardless of where your video will be displayed, just keep in mind the space you have in the corners. These spaces are where a majority of your CTA buttons will pop up and bring your video to life! 

     2. Be aware of which CTA you add to your video

The message you’re sending in your video should match the call to action you’re requesting. With that, try to add some flexibility to your buttons. You don’t want to just have a button that says “Click Here” when you are saying “Click Here to sign up” (and pointing of course). Try creating a button that is a corresponding icon, or a button that resembles your logo. It will add a cohesiveness that makes your completed video very easy to enjoy. In regard to a CTA that is transparent, like when you link to an item that is already onscreen (a product you are displaying), make sure the proper CTA is linked. You don’t want your audience sending you an email by clicking if you wanted them to add a product to their shopping cart.  

  1. The length of your video
Not only is the length of video important as a video by itself, but when creating an interactive video, it’s important to plan the length of your video with the length of your interactive CTA button. Attention spans are crucial to calculate and ensuring a prospective client will even see your CTA is even more difficult to gage. Try adding buttons at the beginning of your videos. This will give your audience a chance to interact with the button while watching the video. That’s the beauty of our technology! No more waiting ‘til the video is over to drive traffic to your sign-up page, this can all take place while the video is playing.  
  1. Adding a visually pleasing button

Creating custom buttons can be fun for your marketing efforts because they can have a style of their own. When adding a transparent .png or .gif image to your videos, the final video you share will have a clean look to it. Try adding buttons that truly entice your audience. Our platform is dynamic, and if a  button isn’t getting the click rate you would like, go ahead and switch it out for a more engaging button and watch your total engagement skyrocket!

     The world will soon demand this type of engagement from all video content, but if you would like to get ahead of the pack for your own business, Contact us to learn more about how our interactive videos can generate leads for your business today.