Moving Forward with a Mobile Salesforce

Posted by McKinley Oswald - President of Global Sales for Verb on Mar 18, 2020 11:47:03 AM

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Current business landscape demands unique mobile tools

written by McKinley Oswald - President of Global Sales for Verb


Earlier this week I had a conversation with the CEO of a large direct sales company that is launching our sales enablement platform to his field this week. The summary of the conversation went something like this: “We are so excited to be able to launch the app to our sales force. With social distancing and the reduction of large meetings, having the right tool to communicate and enable our sales force is critical for us. We are already planning on how we roll out these initiatives and really maximize the platform to engage our team. This is the right solution for us, and we are planning to not skip a beat with our 2020 initiatives.” It was exciting for me to hear how our platform will be a strength to his company at this time of uncertainty. More and more companies are moving to an on-the-go salesforce and at Verb, we feel we have a very unique solution.


This isn’t necessarily something completely new. Most sales organizations have a sales force that is on the go in some way or other. Whether they work from home or constantly manage their business from their phone, many business-building activities are handled outside of the office. In addition, the current health threat is forcing large groups of employees to work remotely and avoid in-person meetings. The new social-distancing initiative is requiring companies to adapt their business practices accordingly. Having the right tools can make all the difference between enabling momentum and struggling to close sales.


Direct sales companies have benefited from having an on-the-go sales force from the very inception of the industry. Motivating independent distributors and providing them with the right tools has always been key to the success of every direct sales company. This is as important as ever in the direct sales industry, as more individuals are seeking alternative opportunities to complement or replace their current income.


The Right Sales Enablement Tool

In this digital age having the right tools—and preferably mobile tools—can help ensure your company’s success. With over 1,000,000 users, the Verb platform stands out as the industry leader in the mobile app sales enablement category. Recent developments have mandated social separation, making our application more important than ever—and providing a key resource to help you navigate the current challenges and focus on ways to provide success to your independent sales force. Providing a remote digital sales enablement strategy can have a major impact on your company’s growth.


The following are key features of the Verb Sales Enablement Platform:

  • Centralized Content: All of your sales and marketing materials in one location—in a mobile app
  • Promotions: Provide social selling and promotional content for authentic social transactions
  • Sampling: Easily send product samples through the app to allow prospects to try it before they buy it
  • Learn: Mobile Learning Management System to train and educate your distributors
  • Mobile Back Office: Our native business tiles provide in-app business reports
  • Verb Live: Our newest product (scheduled for a Q2 release) will combine our interactive video technology with a live selling experience


Communication is Key

With events being limited or pushed to a streaming online format, communication to your sales force is more critical than ever. Having a way to immediately engage every distributor is one of the key features of the Verb platform. While email open rates are traditionally low, a push notification can immediately grab the attention of your distributors and push them to action. Here is how the Announcement feature works:

  • Schedule the Announcement: Our admin allows a simple format to schedule the date and time for the push notification
  • Push Notification: Your field will receive a push notification from the app including your announcement
  • Detailed View: Provide imagery, extended text, photos and even external links

The announcement feature will allow you to quickly engage with your field in a way that is both effective and detailed.


Verb Live Provides Cutting-Edge Selling and Meetings Experience

At the end of Q2, Verb will launch the newest product addition to our sales enablement platform. Verb Live will combine the best of webinar functionality, interactive video and live selling—and have it connected to your Verb app.

  • Webinar Functionality: Broadcast or meeting mode will allow the presenter to host a live meeting. This will be great for trainings, home meetings, prospecting, and opportunity presentations. Share screen functionality will allow the presenter to show a powerpoint or other items from their desktop. Chat feature will allow participants to ask questions and actively participate in the webinar.
  • Interactive Video: Verb’s patented interactive video technology adds a unique element to the webinar functionality. Sharing assets, buy/join links, calendar and more will allow viewers to interact with the video.
  • Live Selling: Integrating with your back office will allow a shopping cart functionality right within the Live Meeting. Presenters can add items to sell and push them live at any point during the webinar.
  • Verb App Connection: Easily share meeting links through the app, see data from the live meeting in the feed, and store contact interactions within the app.

Verb Live will remove many of the pain points that companies experience with going live on social or in a live webinar. No longer are you at the mercy of an algorithm change or technology difficulties out of your control. This next generation live selling platform is unlike anything you’ve seen.


Give Your Salesforce the Industry-Leading Mobile Sales Platform

Effectively enabling your sales force with the right tools can help you move forward with your company’s goals. Providing all of this in an app can help empower sales people on the go and reduce the friction and difficulties that may arise in the current business landscape. Connect with us today for more details on how the Verb platform can be the right fit for you.




About the author:

McKinley Oswald (@mckinleyoswald) is the President of Global Sales @ Verb Technology Company, Inc.