It's 2019, and You're Marketing to Millennials

Posted by nFusz Admin on Jan 1, 2019 8:15:00 AM

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     Happy New Year! 2019! *turns speaker volume all the way up* So technically we can say the phrase, right? You know… THAT phrase? Ready? All together now – “New Year, New Me!”

     How’d that work for you? If it didn’t at all, you must know that nowadays, you’re marketing to the Millennial, whether you like it or not.

     Move over baby boomers, Millennials are comin’ in hot! Millennials represent more than one quarter of the nation’s population, so understanding their buying trends is imperative to creating a successful marketing strategy for any business. Gone are the days of catalogs and the Yellow Pages because Millennials are a tech savvy group of individuals who desire instant gratification with quick and easy engagement.

     We want to share how to profit from appealing and connecting with Millennials, not only during the most explosive purchasing time of year, but also during those times when your bottom line isn’t enlarged by holiday buying.

group-of-university-students-collaborating-on-PMZDHGC     Because social media is highly video-oriented, it shouldn’t be surprising that video marketing would influence Millennials to purchase product. Why? Because 84 percent of Millennials don’t trust traditional marketing, as reported by Forbes. Millennials were born and thrown straight into a digital world, so it feels natural to hear, visualize, and interact, with the content, rather than read the message traditionally. A study by Animoto reports that half of the Millennials who receive a company email will read the content if the email includes video. If your business isn’t adding video to your emails, you could potentially be missing out on an opportunity to sell to almost half of your audience.

     Not only will adding video to your marketing strategy help boost connections with Millennials, but adding interaction within those videos is going to satisfy the instant gratification that Millennials expect. Including a demo video on your company website, within an email, or on a blog, is going to increase your click rates and engagement with buyers because 85 percent of Millennials find product demos helpful (as reported by Animoto), so more companies are jumping on board this trend, and you should, too. making-great-selfie-PZC5PKJ

     nFusz’s notifiCRM allows businesses to customize demos by placing engagement buttons directly into the video that will provide Millennials with the instant connection they crave through real-time talk, immediate-do-it-yourself-scheduling, or email interaction. This is a perfect strategy to drive connection, as well as verify that your videos are appealing to Millennials.

     ‘Be mindful of the device in which Millennials are viewing content’, is an understatement. Remember that instant gratification we just talked about? If you’re a Millennial, you may not. Kidding, kidding! Relax, I’m a Millennial, too. But keep this in mind: Millennials are known to have a much shorter attention span in comparison to older generations and want results and content now. There is no faster way to lose a Millennial’s interest than creating video only meant to be viewed horizontally, or on a laptop. More than 90 percent of Millennials own a smartphone, and over half of all Millennials claim to shop online every single day. Jump. On. This. Create product video to be easily accessible and viewable by mobile device; not adapting to the current smartphone viewing trend could cost you a sale.   


rory cutaia interview

     Catering to smartphone video viewing is essential when appealing to Millennials, however, laptops and desktops are still amongst the top devices used by Millennials to purchase product, as 32 percent of Millennials report that the purchase oftheir next product will be via laptop or desktop. Know what device your videos are being viewed from with notifiCRM, and rely on these analytics to make your videos versatile to fit the consumer’s preferences.

     As Millennials continue to contribute to an enormous portion of online buying through video, it is nothing less than conducive to your business to consider these trends and preferences of Millennials. Taking a good look at how you connect (are you incorporating enough video?), the speed at which buyers can interact and purchase product, staying mindful of devices being used by consumers, and then adapting to Millennials’ expectations, will only help increase your bottom line.  

   At nFusz, our unique video platform allows entrepreneurs both big and small to create interactive videos that will generate leads. While there are other interactive video makers out there, ours is the first to combine the eyeball-grabbing power of interactive video with the usefulness of CRM. Our product doesn’t just track engagement—it creates it. Contact us to learn more about how our interactive videos can generate leads for your business today.