Back Office Tips to Impact Growth and Momentum

Sep 9, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by McKinley Oswald posted in Business, Tips and Tricks, McKinley Oswald, Leadership, Team Verb, verbCRM, Back Office, Pulse, Automation


The Direct Sales Back Office is typically the brain behind a company’s business. Everything from commissions and reporting to incentives and promotions runs through the back end. Frequently the back office provider also offers a shopping solution and tools to communicate with the field and the customer base. Knowing the best way to utilize your back office can make the difference between growth and profitability and struggles and business challenges. Two months ago, Trace Jensen joined the Verb sales team. Trace has over two decades of experience working with various back office providers. This episode of the Direct Sales Masterclass focuses on tips to help you maximize your back office in ways that can impact your growth and momentum.

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